Black History Month


Black History Month 2019

Black History Month falls in October every year and is aimed at celebrating the culture, origins, histories and achievements of African and Caribbean communities and their diaspora.

This month we are focusing on FUTURES: using our rich history to shape our futures. Showcasing the talents of our Black students, addressing stigmas in mental health, and exploring how to overcome barriers in the workplace, we aim to empower our students to reach their full potential and become future leaders in their respective fields.

To enhance the existing knowledge of African and Caribbean heritage, we will be showing films and also taking pride in our FRO and CURLS, with a natural hair showcase.

We cannot resist emphasising our love for food and the distinctive food options that make us who we are, so we will be hosting an Cultural Cook Out compentition!

We are “honouring our past and shaping our futures”! We welcome ALL students to engage with as many events highlighted below. See you all there!

Visit the 2019/20 Black Hall of Fame, celebrating the successes of some black students, staff and alumni of UWE Bristol.

Visit the 2018/19 Hall of Fame Gallerycelebrating diverse Black cultures, Black role models and achievements of Black people.

We would like to sincerely thank UWE Bristol and the UWE Bristol Student Experience Fund for their support of our programme for 2019.


Black History month 2019/20 report

View the report here

See the photos here



For 2020 events visit our ongoing Celebrating Black Excellence Campaign


Our main artwork for Black History Month in 2018/19 was designed by graphic designer, creative producer, curator, and UWE Bristol alumni Stacey Olika of Amaka Designs. You can check out her website here!