Our World, Our Choice


We're working to make sure every part of UWE Bristol and beyond is sustainable. We're fighting to make the world an equitable place for all. The time to act is here. If not now, when? 

We, your Presidents are passionate about sustainability and leading in making UWE Bristol the most sustainable place it can possibly be. On top of that, we want to inspire and lead our community into making positive changes. This year, we are running a year-long campaign that brings together all the work we are doing on the environment and sustainability. 

Key projects 


Lobby the university to Declare a Fossil Fuel free declaration 

We are lobbying the University to commit to never investing in Fossil fuels, forever. 

Reduce the Students' Union single plastics in our commercial outlets by 50% by the end of this academic year, on the way to 100%. 

We're making plans to eliminate all unnecessary single-use plastics from our shops and bars, aiming for 50% by the end of this year, but planning to go all the way. 

Lobby the university to do the same! 

We are working with the university to achieve our goal, and pushing for us to all eliminate unnecessary single-use plastics, ASAP. In particular, we're pushing to have the most sustainable option for our serveware (what we use to eat with, and what our food is in.) 

Increase Biodiversity on campus, through green projects and lobbying against unsustainable expansion. 

We're supporting projects to make all our campuses greener, and get plants into our buildings and accommodation. Furthermore, we're standing against any development works that decrease the life on our campuses.

In Conversation with Evan- An interview series with key leaders on sustainability issues. 

I (Evan, your Students' Union President) will be hosting a series of talks with voices from across the sustainability world, especially those that may be underrepresented.

If you want to get involved with this campaign or any of its projects please contact supresident@uwe.ac.uk



Clothes mending and upcycling session
Upper Engagement Space
Come and learn how to mend your clothes - no experience needed. Bring some clothes to fix if you can - socks, jeans, tops, coats, etc., or clothes which you'd like to jazz up with a patch or some embroidery.
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