Hidden Costs


Led by Vice President Education - Jamie

Your Vice President Education, Jamie Jordon, has continued to raise awareness of the extra costs that students incur at UWE Bristol and has managed to successfully lobby the university to pledge to do the following:

  • Make black and white printing free for all students. 
  • Ensure there is parity across programmes in ACE and FET and that students on those programmes receive the £75 credit allowance.
  • Undertake a full review of the learning outcomes for each course and ensure any costs associated with the learning outcomes are covered by the university within tuition fees.
  • Continue to be transparent in how tuition fees are spent. 

To view Jamie's latest Hidden Costs blog, go here


The Hidden Costs Campaign is designed to bring a fairer deal to the pockets of students. Every year students have to pay unexpected and unreasonable additional costs relating to their course and accommodation. The campaign, aims to gather evidence of these costs and push for change.

Most recently The Students' Union Executive made up of full-time and part-time officers conducted a research project into the cost of graduation - The Final Hidden Course Cost. The research report can be read below and using this information The Executive are actively campaigning for The University to implement its recommendations which include reducing the price of tickets to graduation ceremony and providing financial assistance to students from lower socioeconomic backgrounds.

Read Report Here


In the past as a result of student feedback and pressure through the Hidden Costs campaign has achieved the following results:

  • All undergraduate and postgraduate students receive £15.00 printing credit for per year
  • Undergraduate students at Bower Ashton campus receive £75.00 credit for materials per year

To give an Idea of how your feedback can lead to substantial change from the University the key milestones to achieving free printer credit for every students can be seen below. Over a three year period this saves the students of UWE roughly £1.5million.