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Policies made Under the previous democratic System

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You can find all the documents of the previous Student Council model here.  

Policy Date Passed Assigned Contact Status Update
Postgraduate Part Time Officer. 14-Apr-16 President Complete  A Postgraduate Part Time Officer position is to be elected in October 16
Storage space for personal books in Frenchay Library 14-Apr-16 President Live  
Future-Proof Union: Provide for VR recording 14-Apr-16 VP Societies & Communication Live  
A forum to find books in the library 14-Apr-16 VP Education Live  
Access to microwaves and free hot water 18-Feb-16 President Live A microwave has now been placed in OneZone on Frenchay Campus and an additional Microwave has been allocated to Glenside. The President is currently working with the University on the provision of hot water.
University to set up a guarantor scheme 18-Feb-16 VP Community & Welfare Live A research report has been conducted into the need for a guarantor scheme, The Students' Union is currently in meetings with UWE.
Find a solution to the car parking issues across UWE 18-Feb-16 President Live The President met with the Director of Facilities to discuss the issues that students were facing, a new section of website is being developed to explain the parking changes. All staff and student car parks are now unrestricted and the ECC is available for students to park.
Creation of a relaxation area 18-Feb-16 VP Community & Welfare Live The VP Community and Welfare is working alongside the Library to introduce a relaxation area as part of the refurbishment of the Library.
Improvements for Glenside Students 18-Feb-16 President  Live A volunteer painting day took place with 20 students helping to paint the Glenside Students’ Union An additional microwave has been added to the Students’ Union. The President has been working alongside the Faculty to make general repairs and improvements to the Students’ Union on an ongoing basis.
Better Regulated Heating at Frenchay 18-Feb-16 President Live The President is currently undergoing some investigative work to find out the exact problems with heating regulation and how they can be solved
Policy on Responsible Use of Alcohol 19-Nov-15 VP Community and Welfare Live The Students’ Union are working towards the Alcohol Impact Accreditation through the National Union of Students
Nightline 19-Nov-15 VP Education Live UWE are looking at an out of hours provision, writing a joint strategy for mental and emotional wellbeing. Nightline is being included in this to investigate set up
More Vegetarian and Vegan Food 19-Nov-15 President Live 30% of the current shop provision is Vegetarian or Vegan, the marketing team are working alongside the shop to clearly label the Vegetarian and Vegan options and look to increase the amount available to students.
More Dancing in Off the Wall 19-Nov-15 VP Sports and Health Live There is now Zumba and other dance activities available to students in addition to the ongoing activities 
Commitment to Sustainability 19-Nov-15 President Live

The Students’ Union are currently working towards two accreditations for Sustainability- Green Impact and Responsible Futures. We have recently won a Fairtrade Award for our shop and Coffee Bar and our current Sustainability Officer has won the ‘Spirit of 2015’ award for Bristol Green Capital.

Sanitary products should be tax free. Period 16-Apr-15 President Complete Sanitary products are sold at cost price in The Students' Union's shops
Introduction of a Democratic Procedures Committee to The Students’ Union 16-Apr-15 VP Education Complete The provision for a DPC has been written into the Bylaws and new members will be elected in October 2016

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