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As your president I will fight your corner every single time; whether you're based on City Campus, Glenside, or Frenchay. If you’re an international student or ‘just’ part-time. I will never stop listening to you and achieving the results you want.


1. Hold the University accountable on their COVID response

We need a fair and just academic system that shows clearly how seriously the pandemic should be taken. From science students having less lab time, to arts students having no access to their necessary equipment, the pandemic has affected every course and this needs to be acknowledged. I will lobby to:

  • Have checks in place to ensure every assessment is fair and equivalent to previous years. – some assessments have slipped through the cracks
  • Additional course costs paid for by the university.
  • Additional time provided for: Lost lab time, time in workshops, all other specialised equipment.

2. Sustainability and the environment

  • Carbon Neutrality: Most of the way there by 2025 and Carbon negative by 2030
  • Every Campus Biodiverse;  Let's make UWE a haven for wildlife and wellbeing

3. Mental Health

A lot of students are truly struggling right now, but it seems like the uni doesn’t realise this. From nurses feeling burnout, to dyslexic students unable to learn.

  • Ensure every student has access to the support that is promised by the Uni

4. Housing and Rent

  • I will organise a Rent strike (UWE owned and otherwise) if required, working with the UOB SU.

5. Making the SU work for you

  • Access to SU marketing to post your society/sport news, projects, or anything your passionate about.
  • National representation; I will regularly meet with MP’s and the council to take your voice higher.

evan's FULL manifesto objectives - coming soon