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An overview of Multicultural Week

With the aim of raising awareness of the cultural and ethnic diversity here at UWE Bristol, Multicultural Week celebrated and educated students about diversity, spreading tolerance and respecting different beliefs and traditions. It was also an opportunity for students to experience different countries’ culture.

UK South West Business Competition 2018
UK South West Business Competition

Upon on the success of UWE BCC in November, the competition was upgraded into the regional scale with participation of 4 universities in the Southwest including: UWE Bristol, University of Bath, University of Bristol, and University of Plymouth.

UWE Business Case Competition 2018 Round Up
UWE Business Case Competition

The UWE Business Case Competition (UWE BCC) took place on 2 – 4 November 2018 and focused on the theme: “UWE’s Sustainability 2030” and was open to all students from all courses, faculties and departments.

Zain Choudhry reflects on past year as President

My time in office is coming to an end very soon, so I would like to first of all thank every student who has encouraged, supported and assisted in all the work I have personally been involved with during my Presidency.

Last 99 days: Maximising our efforts

With less than 99 days left in office, as Friday 29 June is officially our last day as the five full-time Presidents for 2017/18, it's time to start maximising our efforts...


Giang's Progress Updates

  • Business competitions.
    As part of my activity to create business competitions for students, the UWE Bristol Business Case Competition and the South West Business Case Competition, were held at The Students' Union, in November and December 2018. The competitions focused on the theme, ‘UWE’s Sustainability 2030' and involved over 180 people. The event participants included; staff, students, volunteers and a range of businesses.
  • Private Tutor Platform.
    The Private Tutor Platform aims to support students who are struggling with lectures, assignments and exams. It endeavours to achieve this by providing assistance from students with high academic achievements. This is an ongoing project and I am working with stakeholder groups to help offer this service
  • Funding scholarships.
    I have worked with the UWE Bristol Global Centre, to offer scholarships to international students. This will be ready to launch in September 2019 and will aim to offer scholarships to under-represented groups.
  • Multicultural Week
    Multicultural Week was held between the 18-22 March. The week featured a diverse range of activities, which included:
    - The Big Burrito Challenge, 40 participants
    - The legendary Bring Your Own Bowl, attended by roughly 250 students
    - UWE Bristol’s Football Tournament, attended by roughly 100 students
    - UWE Bristol’s Got Talent, attended by roughly 250 students
    - A bubble tea stall, which provided free samples to between 600-700 students
    Food on Campus
    I have been working with The Students’ Union Bar to create more diverse food options. Options I have been working to develop include choices for those with medical conditions and those with religious preferences.