VP Education

VP Education

lily diyemowei


I am finishing my course on Business with Digital Management (MSc)

I have always loved education hence I have an undergraduate degree in education. I am also an experienced and seasoned educator so I know how the educational system works and its dynamics.

As a student that is going through the system, I can clearly point out the pain points that students may encounter. I have seen and experienced so many issues firsthand that directly affects the students experience here at UWE BRISTOL.

There is so much room for improvement and I am here to bring about those improvements. Let me be your voice in bringing about the change that you desire. If you vote for me with ONE VOICE, we can make this happen.

I will work to bring changes in the following areas –

  • Lobby the university to provide more support to students during Teaching and Examination period.
  • Lobby the university to properly plan our time tables to give us better student experience.
  •  Ensure that students who use the 3 days grace period after exam can do so without any penalty.
  • Work closely with the university to ensure that the curriculum reflects our diversity.  I know that everyone has different backgrounds and methods of learning, so I will lobby for a diverse method of teaching in the educational system.
  • Support students with Accommodation issues, which includes providing references for landlords. I will push for a liaison between the university and landlord association in Bristol to accept references issued by the university.
  • Create a better channel for module Feedback.
  • Improve on the current feedback mechanism and ensure that the university implements the feedback received via the Students reps.
  • Improve support given to disabled students that will help them adjust better during their studies.

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