VP Societies & Communication

VP Societies and Communication

bethel ekaette


I am completing my studies in Business with Digital Management — and as the previously elected President of the Nigerian Students Society, I have, with tenacity and zeal, demonstrated my resolve in bridging cultural diversity in UWE.

Societies are an ideal way to meet people, get more out of university, learn new skills and more importantly have a good time.
  • Bridge cultural diversity between students of all tribes and races.
  • Create a communication link across all societies.
  • Give students a voice and a platform to be heard through clubs and societies.
  • Empower students to get the best out of their university experience at UWE Bristol
  • Encourage healthy inter- and intra- cultural relationship through games, competitions, hang outs, charity events, and seminars.
  • Support students with the help they need on rainy days. 
  • Encourage self-declared disabled students to build a society of their own.

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