VP Societies & Communication

VP Societies and Communication

Hello, my name is Samuel and I’m your VP Societies and Communication.

I have been the President of the Nigerian Society Network (NSN) here at UWE Bristol. It was a great opportunity and a rewarding one at that, with two awards to crown the year. This single role on its own set me up on a good leadership path as well as added more values to my skills (organisation, communication and teamwork).

I really want students to have fun this year as it has been a quiet year at the university and as you know, all work and no play…. I believe WE can achieve this together.


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Firstly, I want to lobby for a Lock-in Weekend (Friday/Saturday) where students would have the option of either partying on campus or choose to go into the city centre. Previously, back in 2016, the students union used to have a night-life event called ‘lock-in Tuesday’, and this was obstructed due to the complaints from our neighbours and it was understandable as this was on the weekday instead of weekends when no one has work the next day. This will support student’s mental state of mind and knowing that it’s been over a year since any clubbing or outdoor social event took place.

Also, I want to continue my TEDEx event and provide you with more events both virtually and physically. I said I was I going to reinstate TedEx, and I did. I got the university a license and we are now in the process of setting up the first TedxUWE event, talking on “Brain Matters” which will feature brilliant speakers.

Furthermore, I aim at increasing both our virtual and physical events to support student’s mental wellbeing. Currently, we run a lot of events virtually for our students on the “What’s On” page, but I aim at keeping this consistent as I would be making sure both your extra-curriculum activities and nightlife is attended to, satisfactorily.

Finally, I aim to improve our communication strategy between societies and try to advertise as much content as possible to enable better engagement and communication between societies and the university.

Samuel's Full manifesto objectives- coming soon

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