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As a representative of the student voice I would like to take the following key actions:

  • I pledge to support LGBTQ+ Sport UK in their ‘Uni Pride Pledge’ by ensuring all societies and Clubs support the movement. 

  • I believe EVERY student should be given nutritional and health advice when starting Uni, especially if moving away from home for the first time. I will further this by pushing for nutritional support and advice for all sports members to ensure maximum performance and recovery, whilst fitting with realistic student life. 

  • I am passionate about creating a better ‘TeamUWE’ atmosphere by encouraging cross-club interaction and support through committee check-ins and feedback sessions. I believe that weekly published fixture lists will encourage better spectator support for all sports. And by improving the celebration of sporting successes we can achieve the best possible outcomes from TeamUWE.

  • I pledge to support ANY student who wants to try a disability sport and aim to improve the inclusivity across the university, including with funding.  

  • I will also raise awareness for inclusivity by supporting campaigns such as Disability History week, International Women’s week and This Girl Can. 

  • I want to ensure all students know EXACTLY where to seek mental health and wellbeing support by continuing the momentum of the current SU movement to educate all clubs on mental health support. 

molly's FULL manifesto objectives - coming soon