VP Sports & Health

VP Sports and Health

doha laftimi


I'm just finishing a Master's studying Digital Marketing. I have been moving my whole life from Belgium, to Morocco, to South Africa and France. I have now been in Bristol for four years as part of UWE. Since I was young I have always been active and tried all kind of sports from classic dance to boxing and now basketball. Being part of a club has been an important part of my university experience, and I would like everyone to have the same opportunity to find a club that is a good fit for them. 

I have been part of the UWE Jets Basketball Club for 4 years and have held various positions within the committee, so I understand how clubs operate. I have also been involved with other clubs and societies such as Badminton, UWE Formula Students and the photography society.

My objectives as VP Sport: 

  • Create more unity between the different clubs at UWE.
  • Bring back the Sport Club Pictures and create a sports yearbook. 
  • Give the chance to students from specific courses (sport psychology students, physio students, etc.) to work with sports teams to apply their knowledge and gain experience.
  • Discover if new students have previously participated in any sports during their registration stage at UWE and share their contacts with Sport clubs to allow them to organise earlier tryouts and get in touch with new members (before fresher fair).
  • Make contact with existing teams (small to large) in Bristol to allow club members to organise additional friendly games.
  • Create a system for all existing sport facilities in the Bristol area to know their court availability and to allow teams to book them for sports events (tournaments, extra training...).
  • Increase new student awareness of existing sports at UWE and Move Membership at an early stage.
  • Connecting sports clubs with the photography and filmmaking communities in order to increase content production for sports clubs.
  • Increase marketing efforts to assist underrepresented sports in growing.

Raise awareness about mental health and well-being issues by organising events to support athletes.


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