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LGBT+ Officer - Viljo Wilding

I'm Viljo Wilding (they/them) and I'm your LGBT+ Officer. As someone who is proudly non-binary and bisexual, I have personal experience of the struggles faced by LGBT+ people in education. COVID-19 has only worsened the mental health problems faced by young LGBT+ people, and our trans and non-binary students struggle to get records to reflect their true name and gender. We can do better, and as your LGBT+ Officer, I won’t stop fighting to make equality mean more than just a rainbow.

My Experience

I’m a former SU President, revitalising Woodhouse College’s SU and turning a small union into a campaigning organisation that delivered for students. I was a member of the NUS FE & Soc Cit Zone Committees in 2018-19 and attended NUS conference in 2019 where I supported the Save NUS Trans campaign. Since then, I’ve been working and volunteering in the charity sector. As a Board Member of ADHD Europe, an international non-profit representing people with ADHD, I helped to setup an LGBT+ Committee to understand the experiences of LGBT+ people with ADHD and ensure they are represented in our work.

My Policies

  1. I’ll create an LGBT+ welcome pack for students to pick up from the SU with a range of goodies and useful information to stay safe and have fun at uni.
  2. To support trans and non-binary students, I’ll campaign to make it quicker and easier to change your name and gender on the uni’s IT systems and signpost this information to students.
  3. I’ll launch a set of resources for LGBT+ students to access important advice, services, and mental health support, and provide answers to common questions about the university experience.
  4. Working with local businesses and charities, we will start valuable partnerships which support queer organisations and help LGBT+ students access safe and welcoming spaces.
  5. I’ll collaborate with the wellbeing team and welfare officers to improve training and support for LGBT+ students’ mental health.



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