Black Minority Officer

Black Minority Ethnic Officer Stanley(Lee Yew Chern)

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I hail from a warm, sunny, and beautiful country called Malaysia.

In Malaysia we have many different ethnicities, religions, and cultures (the majority being Malays, Chinese, and Indians).

Growing up in Malaysia taught me about acceptance of other cultures and ethnicity;

Regardless of what skin colour and religious beliefs that you have.

One thing that I really know for sure is that food always brings people together, regardless of their background.

Food is love, food is life.

We eat to live, and we live to eat.

I would like to use food as my theme to reach the goal of acceptance.

Understanding and appreciating the food, brings understanding and appreciation of another culture.

I was raised to value a person by their actions and what they bring to the table (literally food, no pun intended).

Let us share our love for food and our love for eating.

Let us unify and celebrate the common values of kindness and compassion to one another.

Let us rejoice and celebrate the unique differences every ethnic and culture has.

Let us work together and bring forth an environment where everyone regardless of their background and ethnicity, they will be appreciated.

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