Black Minority Officer

BME Officer anoushka alexander

UWE is such a diverse community, and I want to bring us together further. I think I would be a great fit for this role, and here's why:

  • I am the new Participation and Equality Officer for Geography Society so I always strive to achieve equality within groups.
  • I am a minority ethnicity (half Egyptian) and I strive to achieve equality and for people to be more understanding about ethnic minorities in the UK.
  • I feel like I am an understanding and approachable person to come to with issues as a Student Representative for my cohort, so I am experienced with dealing with problems and doing my best to resolve them.

I feel like UWE is already excellent at acceptance and diversity, but I would like to bring the entire community of UWE together more. Here are some things I would like to achieve with this position:

  • I want to be the voice for other BME students, and listen to any issues they have and follow them up prompty with the university. I could do this by creating a forum, or by having people directly emailing me.
  • I want to work alongside the SU and the university, as well as the Presidents Team to create events and workshops that are inclusive and fun.
  • Furthering the current work the current BME officer has done with the sustainable period product workshop, and creating other opportunities of collaborative working.
  • I want to raise awareness of the lack of BME people in the Faculty of Environmental Science, so I want to look at initiatives to get more BME representation in science, such as reaching out to schools.
  • Listening to ideas from the BME community for action that can be taken to further make UWE even more inclusive!

If you have any questions, feel free to get in touch.


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