Democratic Procedures Committee Officer

Democratic Procedures Officer Kieran Woodhouse

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My name is Kieran Woodhouse and I am running for the Democratic Procedures Committee Member position because it's important to make sure that The Student Union’s democratic processes are engaging, inclusive and run in accordance to their own bye-laws.

My Experience and Skills:

I am a second-year law student and have been a studying at UWE for nearly three years, after studying in the inaugural FBL foundation course.

During those years, I have worked closely with the Students Union following my appointment as Committee Member and then President of UWE Motorsports. As a result of this experience, I have developed an understanding of how the Students Union operates; key people and positions within the Students Union; the rules and regulations that the clubs, students and other personal must obey to; and potential areas of improvement.

The obvious skills required to become a successful member of the Democratic Procedures Committee include; reading, understanding and applying a set of bye-laws to a factual situation. After studying law for five years, this has become second nature. I believe that my experience at UWE combined with my degree choice would make me an ideal candidate for the Democratic Procedures Committee.

What I plan to do if elected:

Since being a student at UWE, The Students Union has experienced some negative press articles over information disclosed, creation of positions and suspensions. Having such a close tie with the UWE, any bad publicity from The Students Union’s inevitably affects the reputation of UWE. It is in the interest of everyone at UWE and The Students Union to reduce the number of negative press articles and so, if elected, I would aim to:

  • Ensure that any and all the democratic processes of The Students Union are conducted in a way that matches The Student Unions bye-laws.
  • To make the position and the work of the Democratic Procedures Committee better known to the populace of UWE.
  • To seek real-time feedback on matters that may affect the reputation of our university.
  • Ensure that The Student Union’s democratic systems are inclusive.
  • Act on any student feedback proposing changes to the democratic systems.

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