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Disabled Students Officer joseph steventon

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Hello, my name is Joseph. I am standing for this position to help transform the education which people with disabilities receive at UWE and further.

I believe that disabilities give a student a unique perspective at life and education that most people may never be able to experience. Personally, I see my disability as an exciting part of my life, and I look forward to the challenges me and my disability face. However, this has not always been the case and I know for many students it still is not. I believe that this is where change is required.

I recognise that people with disabilities are facing difficult and unnecessary challenges every day. Whether that is in the form of in adequate learning resources, physical facilities, or mental health support.

It is my belief that continual improvements led by a passion for enabling the strengths of disabled students and supporting their unique adjustments, UWE can become better at inclusivity and equality.

I will focus on the following:

· Awareness of disabilities and tackling abuse – Disabilities are becoming more widely understood. However, like most people with a disability, I have experienced less than desirable assumptions about my capabilities and sadly, at times witnessed it happening towards others. The outcomes of such behaviours are devastating to disabled student’s life’s and their education.

I believe that the key reason for this is a general lack of understanding and education. With this in mind, I will campaign for the awareness and education of disabilities at the university and further afield.

· Exploring ways to encourage disabled students at UWE – Disabled Students can face further challenges to be able to accomplish what others perceive as normality. I believe that more needs to be done to recognise the accomplishments of extraordinary individuals that have disabilities.

· Finding and refining the support that UWE students need and receive – I will work alongside the university to represent YOU the student to make sure your views and wishes are represented. I will campaign to change the issues that affect my disabled peers. And do my very best to support and improve the experience that disabled students receive.

I look forward to representing you, your thoughts, and your feelings with vigour and pride.

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