Disabled Students Officer

Disabled Students Officer Dave Butler



Hi, I’m Dave, and my Guide Dog is Al.

The reason I stood for this position is that I feel I can somewhat relate, understand and, together, we can help bring positive change.

I believe that I would excel in this role as I have been disabled my entire life; however, I wasn’t diagnosed until I was 13 years old. Moreover, until more recently, when I was matched with Al, my disability was mostly invisible. This unique life experience gives me both, an outlook and an insight of how a difficult and frustrating it can be when society doesn’t fully understand your needs.

Before joining UWE, I have had most of my success in Para-Sports, having been scouted by England for Blind Football, and representing, and becoming European champion with Great Britain in Goalball.

Before this, my background was mostly working for a disability charity in which I undertook many duties ranging from transcriptions to social and community outreach programs for a range of age groups and disabilities.

Since being a UWE student, I have faced countless inaccessibility’s and had to overcome many barriers, some of which were my own, however, much of it was changing the way in which the university viewed my disability and the changes I require in class and around the campus.

As Disabled Students’ Officer, my top targets for this year are:

  • To promote awareness of disability to both staff and students, especially hidden and invisible disabilities, highlighting how these may affect you while you study. Invisible disabilities range in both mental and physical, including your mental health, which is of great importance.
  • To be a voice for disabled students at UWE, to liaise with the University to help bring about equality by making reasonable adjustments.
  • Ensure that all SU societies are accessible for all, where possible.

I’m excited to start! It’s a great opportunity for us to help the university put the ability back into disability. I look forward to the day that UWE really is for all!

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