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Glenside Campus Officer William Malcher

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As your Glenside Campus Officer I will promote and represent the students’ voice, champion the spirits of all healthcare professionals based at this campus, and empower fellow students to stand with me on topics or issues that need changing, that I need to advocate for. I am also standing on a slate with Mia (running for President) and Livvy (running for VP Sports and Health), this means that together we can represent all aspects of students on our campuses.

I have spent the last year as the N&M Lead Department Representative, and feel this has prepared me to represent the students’ voice. I am passionate about working with academics to ensure that students have a great time and journey through their degree programme. This involves me promoting open days and events for future students, and helping to shape the nursing programme to enhance the learning of future students.

I also have projects which I incorporate into my LDR role and would continue to do so as your Glenside Officer. These are things such as;

  • Work as an Athena Swan Undergraduate Representative to promote diversity in the Health and Applied Science's department.
  • Promote inter professional working with Bristol University medical students, student paramedics, radiographers, physician associates, nurse practitioners, and other courses ran by UWE Bristol, to enhance student learning through simulation and team working.
  • Organise events, guest appearances, major incident days and more. Attend senior academic meetings with Deans and Heads of Departments, to ensure that we are continually improving the students’ voice and addressing matters swiftly.

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