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Glenside Campus Officer Alex England

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We have all seen how vital the often-overlooked NHS has been for the country this past year and how NHS employees have gone from arguably mistreated to being praised as 'heroes'.  As someone who has worked within the NHS for the past year or so in a multitude of roles, I can assuredly say that the NHS would not work if it wasn’t for the hard working, skilled and knowledgably staff that run it. So, let’s invest in us: The future NHS workforce. Because knowledge, Respect and Skill begins here. 

As a campus we are primarily made of healthcare students who aspire to work within the NHS post-graduation; and I believe that it is at this stage that a truly great NHS is made, with its future workforce. That is why if elected I will be working towards securing as many resources as I can to ensure that you will leave university with confidence in your new role and that as a collective we will make the NHS an organisation that service users continue to believe in. Our degree's matter tremendously as the last year has shown, let's give it the funding and attention it demands so we can lay a foundation to make a real difference in the future.


  1. Secure more funding and attention for our campus
  2. Quality of life improvements for our campus
  3. Recognition of the risks healthcare students undertake at placement along with keeping up support services, grants and bursaries
  4. To create a programme to identify and reward staff members on placements, who despite working in tough conditions go that extra mile in guiding us students.
  5. Finally to pursue any and all venues that will help to turn us into the recognised professionals that our NHS deserves 

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