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Are you an international student or British? I believe that it does not matter. We can all unite for better! 


Do you love food? So do I! Why not then have thematic weeks where everyone can engage with others? It seems that the most natural way how to discover a new culture is through food! 

Let’s imagine the thematic week as:

•    One week each month hosted by one national society to raise awareness about their culture

•    Plenty of activities every day including a chat over the food you have never tried but always wanted to!

•    Bringing people together and creating new, long-lasting, friendships!

As you can see now, one of my goals is to bring together British and international students because these two groups are not always engaging together. 


Even though I have a lot of international friends and have an idea about the problems which international students are facing, it might not be necessarily YOUR PROBLEM! 

My aim, therefore, is:

•    To be easily approachable through social media and an anonymous online questionnaire where you can address any issue

•    To conduct surveys to get an opinion (and inspiration) from as many international students as possible!

And now something about me. I study European and International Law. Back in the Czech Republic - That is where I am from - I used to be a chairman of the NGO called Youth Parliament of Ostrava where I was representing the voice of young people! My responsibility was advocating for students and negotiating with the City Counci

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