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Postgraduate Officer gbadebowale richard oyinloye (Debo)

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Hello everyone! My name is Gbadebowale Richard Oyinloye (Debo). I am currently studying MSc. Business with Supply Chain Management.

I am keen on representation as I was social secretary of the national association of philosophy students during my undergraduate degree where I led several impactful campaigns. Whilst working for Diageo, where I worked for over 7 years, I was an active member of the labour union where I facilitated organisational change and contributed to dynamic organisational projects that have left long-lasting impacts. Therefore I possess strong leadership, interpersonal skills, that I believe will be able to transfer into this role to ensure that I represent you and your interests in the best way possible. I have always placed PEOPLE at the forefront of my agendas, which makes me an ideal candidate for this role.

What I want to achieve:

  1. Assist the University in resolving accommodation issues – Work with the university via the Students’ Union to alleviate accommodation issues postgraduate students face.
  2. Create an enabling postgraduate community – Help to co-create a more welcoming environment on our campuses for postgraduate students and help to ease the integration of postgraduates into the student life at UWE. Let’s bring the fun back!
  3. Solicit wellbeing support for students with jobs and other commitments – Work with the university to organise networking events with fellow students and employers.
  4. Promote diversity, equality and Inclusion – Organise events to showcase the vast multicultural backgrounds represented in our postgraduate community, facilitate campaigns that promote the importance of equal rights for differently-abled postgraduate students including mental health and specific learning difficulties.

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