Sustainability Officer

Sustainability officer VANIQUE KRUGER


An interest in sustainability is on the rise among the student population and it is heart-warming to witness. Even during a global pandemic and remote learning, the amount of sustainable Student Ideas making their way onto the SU’s Student Ideas page every month is significantly increasing. I want to represent the voice of the students and encourage all students to live sustainably on and off campus.

Being an international student, I can definitely bring a different perspective to the table. I am not afraid to make my voice known however, I also know when to quiet down and listen to what my peers are saying.

As Sustainability officer, I would like to discourage the use of single-use plastics across all UWE campuses. I also like to see more recycling stations available and encourage the disposal of food waste in appropriate bins around campuses. I want to ensure students have facilities available in all teaching blocks where we can reheat food brought from home and provide boiling water taps to allow us to make our own hot drinks or meals.

However, reducing, reusing and recycling is not my only goal. Holding the Students’ Union and the University to account for the goals they have set for 2030 is a priority. I want to improve the communication to the students about what the different role players are doing to achieve these goals.

I also want to raise awareness on how our other behaviours can be changed to increase sustainable living.

I am definitely not perfect in the way I live my life, but I strive to live a bit better every single day. I question everything, so just because it is branded as sustainable does not mean I am going to take a company’s word for it. I enjoy researching the facts and truths behind things that are stamped and advertised this way.

The student voice is a powerful one, I want to use my voice to represent you and your sustainability goals.

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