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Existing sustainably, everyone should do it!;)


When we think about sustainability, it's easy for our minds to automatically move towards living sustainably. Reduce, reuse and recycle at home. However, how often do we forget about sustainability in a place of work or study. It's easy to quickly pop into the coffee shop and grab a take-away cuppa, or going to OneZone for something o eat on the go. With the global pandemic that's going on a new fear of PPE-polution has also reared its ugly head. UWE has already done a lot to encourage sustainable living on campus and at home, but I feel more can be done. 

Being an international student, I can definitely bring a different perspective to the table. I am not afraid to make my voice known, however I also know when to quiet down and listen to what my peers are saying.

It is wonderful to see what UWE as an institution is doing to conduct themselves sustainably and as a Sustainability Officer, I would like to highlight these achievements but also engage students and staff to ‘live sustainably’ on campus.

As sustainability officer, I would like to discourage the use of single-use plastics across all UWE campuses. I also like to see more recycling stations built around campuses and also make more facilities available in all teaching blocks for students to be able to reheat food they bring from home and provide boiling water taps to allow students to make their own hot drinks or meals.

I am definitely not perfect in the way I live my life, but I strive to be a bit better every single day. I question everything, so just because it is branded as sustainable does not mean I am going to take a company’s word for it. I enjoy researching the facts and truths behind things that are stamped and advertised this way.

We can no longer just sit back and assume everything will be fine. The time has come for us to show the world what we are made of and show that actions really do speak louder than words.

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