Trans Welfare Officer

Trans Welfare Officer maya ishku

Hi, I’m Maya Ishku and I am your Trans Welfare Officer.

My role as Trans Welfare Officer is to consider the needs of trans students at our university and make positive change. I hope to campaign for any issues that us as trans people face and shape this university for the better.  

As a trans person of colour, I represent a group that is not only underrepresented, but also a group that is subject to double discrimination for a) being brown and b) being trans. I know this struggle first-hand, and to be able to reach out and relate to other trans people of colour who need help would be so powerful. Transness is usually talked about in terms of trans men and trans women, but there are a lot of people who identify as trans in other ways. Being trans non-binary myself allows me to understand the experience of being a minority within a minority, and as to what types of dysphoria we experience and better understand how to address.


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