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Woman's welfare officer Maria Brookes

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Hi, I'm Maria Brookes, and I am your Woman's Welfare Officer. I stand to bring a louder voice to women that need to be heard. I am currently a psychology student, and I have listened to the problems women have faced across Bristol and how services have let you down. I want to ensure campus and all of UWE is a safe and warming place.

If elected, I pledge to work collaboratively with other officers to create an inclusive environment and improve mental health. Action needs to be taken to make students of intersecting backgrounds are listened to.

Work with the VP community/welfare officer to raise awareness of harassment. I want to ensure students know it is safe to come forwards and offer the advice needed. This is very important to me, so women feel safe speaking up, and zero tolerance is taken. I would like to create a consent workshop for all incoming students to be more informed about consent and support any queries and address lad culture's ramifications

Increase the visibility of LGBT+ identities by working with your Trans and LGBT+ officer, to ensure that all women and non-binary persons are represented and included in university life. I also notice Transgender women are unfairly represented in sports. I work with VP sport to promote equality concerning the unfair exclusion of trans women in BUCS.

Raise awareness of mental health issues, working with SU to advertise mental health schemes and speaking out about mental health. 

Work with the BME officer to increase diversity and inclusion and promote BME women's fantastic UWE achievements worldwide. I understand that no one can represent every ethnic community and woman of colour, so I wish to support different UWE communities in fighting racism. 

I hope to create a community where all identities and intersecting identities are noticed and fully valued. We cannot fight sexism, rape culture, patriarchy and misogyny unless we fight for all women. Meaning I will challenge racism, homophobia and transphobia as an integral objective if elected your woman's officer.

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