Principles of Academic Representation

UWE Bristol principles of academic representation

In 2016-17 The Students' Union and Student/Academic Services conducted a joint project around student representation at UWE Bristol in partnership with stakeholders across the university. This review allowed practices across the institution to be explored before devising a new principled based approach for UWE Bristol. The summation of this work is the UWE Bristol Principles of Academic Representation.

The aim is for students to routinely become partners in their education experience with flexibility for students and staff to work together to enhance the educational experience. The proposals also fit within, and support the wider shift from annual monitoring to continuous improvement (CI). The model outlined within the principles is a more nuanced, principled, approach that promotes and supports innovative practices to deliver effective academic representation within a local context, whilst maintaining a clear set of minimum expectations that will be familiar to many colleagues working with the current model.

Review and update July 2020

UWE Bristol and The Students' Union at UWE have reviewed the Principles of Academic Representation. The review took a full academic year to ensure we gathered and collated feedback from staff and students across UWE Bristol. The reviewed document was presented to LTSEC in July 2020 and agreed. You can find the Principles and the supporting documents below.

Principles of Academic Representation

Principles of Academic Representaton

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