Key Contacts


There is a team of staff at your Students’ Union who are dedicated to supporting all of you lovely Reps! So if you need some support, guidance or just want to tell us about something amazing you’ve achieved, why not get in touch?

The Rep Coordinators

Hannah Tucker - Representation Coordinator FBL + HAS

Roshin Chummun - Representation Coordinator FET+ ACE

Rep Coordinators work for you and are busy doing the following:

  • Looks after the Student Rep system day-to-day.
  • They are Reps first port of call for advice, support and guidance.
  • Run Student Rep Training sessions and other opportunities for Reps.
  • Act as secretary to Student Rep Committee.
  • Process Rep Certificates and other accredidation for eligable Reps. 
  • Support the Vice President Education, making sure they have all of your feedback that they need.
  • Facilitate the reward and recognition for all student reps


Get in touch with the Reps Team! 


Phone: 0117 32 87745

Facebook: @studentrepsuwe

Twitter: @studentreps

The above staff work very closley with your elected Full Time Sabbatical and Part Time Officers. 


Vice President Education
Jane Okiako

  • Representing the learner voice through the University’s academic structures
  • Chairing the Student Representative Committee
  • Consider matters relating to Student Experience from Surveys and Research

Tweet: @vpeducation