Lead Reps and Department Reps

what are lead and department reps?

The Lead Department Rep and the Department Reps are Student Reps who represent their Faculties and Departments at a higher level and lead Department-specific campaigns aimed at improving the student experience. The Lead Department Rep is recruited in partnership by the Department and The Students' Union, whereas the Department Reps are elected by fellow Reps within their Department.


Lead Department Rep

The Lead Department Rep is the senior branch of the representation system. Working closely with the senior staff team, the Students' Union and the fellow Department Reps, the Lead Department Rep is there to ensure that students' voices are heard loud and clear. The Lead Department Rep attends the Faculty wide Academic Standards and Quality Committee (ASQC) and Department Student Partnership Forum to discuss issues affecting all students within their Department. It is the role of the LDR to ensure that student feedback is presented at top-level meetings and that outcomes are fed back to relevant parties. In addition to this, LDRs are tasked with providing critical feedback on the extent to which the student voice is represented within the meetings they attend, thus allowing the Students’ Union to monitor best practice and track engagement across the university governance structure.

Who is my lead department rep?

For the academic year 2012/21 the Lead Department Reps are:

Creative and Cultural Industries -

Deborah Do Vale Cardoso Lima Ribas




Art & Design -

Kaynat Kader



Education & Childhood -

Vanique Kruger



Architecture & the Built Environment -

Position is yet to be filled!

If you would like to be the Lead Department Rep for Architecture
and Built Environment then head to www.thestudentsunion.co.uk/jobshop

Geography & Environmental Management -

Monique Taratula-Lyons 



Engineering, Design & Mathematics -

Abbie Learoyd-Smith



Computer Science & Creative Technologies -

Jamie Stevens



Allied Health Professions -

Hannah Burn



Applied Science -

Ignatius Mason



Health & Social Sciences -

Alice Farmer





Nursing and Midwifery -

Jamie Hulley-Mills



Nursing and Midwifery-

Jen Hird



Accounting, Economics and Finance -

Harrison Turpitt



Accounting, Economics and Finance -

Bryn Hoppe



Business and Management -

Beth Jackson



Social Media:


Business and Management -

Rachael Norman



Law -

Abigail Leigh



Law -

Sarah Barnes




Department Reps

Department Reps are part of the senior Rep team for each department. Department Reps work with the Head of Department and programme leaders to create positive change. They will meet together, and with Reps from across the department to discuss matters affecting student’s experiences of the department. There are three Department Rep positions per department, and they are as follows:

Department Rep for Sustainability: to gain feedback and insight on UWE’s commitment to Education for Sustainable Development (ESD)

Department Rep for Diversity and Inclusivity: to ensure inclusivity and diversity of course content, teaching delivery and services at a departmental level.

Department Rep for Academic Processes: to provide input and scrutiny on the development of core academic processes including, but not limited to, timetabling, contact hours and access to learning resources.

The primary aim of the Department Rep is to ensure that the three themes above are not only embedded throughout the courses within the department but to also make sure these areas are working in the interests of students.

Who ARE my department repS?

If there is a department rep role that is "still to fill" and is in your department please let us know if you are interested at studentreps@uwe.ac.uk

Arts Creative Industries and Education (ACE)  
Art and Design SAD
Sustainability Department Rep still to fill
Academic Processes Rep Sarah Tring
Diversity and Inclusivity Department Rep still to fill
Creative and Cultural Industries CCI
Sustainability Department Rep Sarah Elise Nickerson
Academic Processes Rep George Haines
Diversity and Inclusivity Department Rep Thomas Jacob Leslie
Education and Childhood EDU
Sustainability Department Rep
still to fill
Academic Processes Rep
Elisa Neath
Diversity and Inclusivity Department Rep
Megan Williams
Business and Law (FBL)
Accounting, Economics and Finance AEF
Sustainability Department Rep Anmol Motwani
Academic Processes Rep Jack Driscoll
Diversity and Inclusivity Department Rep Tze Chong
Business and Management BAM
Sustainability Department Rep Winifred Onyemaechi
Academic Processes Rep
William Allwright
Diversity and Inclusivity Department Rep Sophia James
Law Law
Sustainability Department Rep Elena Angeli
Academic Processes Rep Fiza Tanveer
Diversity and Inclusivity Department Rep Shareen Dee Chambers
Environment and Technologies (FET)  
Architecture and the Built Environment ABE
Sustainability Department Rep James Blackburn
Academic Processes Rep Kiana Eskandani
Diversity and Inclusivity Department Rep Roma Kumari Sharma
Computer Science and Creative Technologies CSCT
Sustainability Department Rep John Hoyos
Academic Processes Rep Dikshyanta Uprety
Diversity and Inclusivity Department Rep still to fill
Engineering, Design and Mathematics EDM
Sustainability Department Rep Abbie Learoyd-Smith
Academic Processes Rep

Gyasi-Llewellyn Forbes-Hastings-Brown

Diversity and Inclusivity Department Rep Rania Regaieg 
Geography and Environmental Management GEM
Sustainability Department Rep Skylar Whiting
Academic Processes Rep still to fill
Diversity and Inclusivity Department Rep still to fill
Health and Applied Sciences (HAS)  
Allied Health Professions AHP
Sustainability Department Rep Tracey Beddoes
Academic Processes Rep Lauren Dixon
Diversity and Inclusivity Department Rep Sarah Helena Rose Brent
Applied Sciences DAS
Sustainability Department Rep still to fill
Academic Processes Rep Bassmala Mohammed Elbushary
Diversity and Inclusivity Department Rep Rochelle Abraham
Health and Social Sciences HSS
Sustainability Department Rep Holly Brennan
Academic Processes Rep Samantha Stephen
Diversity and Inclusivity Department Rep Jack Johnson
Nursing and Midwifery NAM
Sustainability Department Rep Olivia Coy
Academic Processes Rep Elle Deanne Harris-Thomas
Diversity and Inclusivity Department Rep still to fill