What You Will Get Out of It

What you get out of it!

Skills and Experience

The skills and experience you will gain from your time as a Student Rep are invaluable. Being able to represent students, brief lecturers at meetings, collect and analyse feedback from your cohort, are all useful things you can draw on when you write up this position in your CV. 


If you are an undergraduate student, the role of Student Rep will be recognised on your HEAR if you complete this process (Higher Education Achievement Record, which comes with your degree certificate). 


Trained Reps can receive a Student Rep Certificate, this is to show the world that you were a Student Rep! In order to receive one you need to have attended training (online or face-to-face), submitted your Rep Aspirations and then write a reflection of them at the end of the Academic Year. The Rep Team will then read them and discuss your progress with you. Once that is all complete, you will receive your Student Rep Certificate.


Bristol Futures
Did you know that being a Student Rep is one of the many activities you can do towards the Bristol Futures Award?  You can find more information about the award and what you can do to receive one by visiting the UWE Website here. Please note that the 2020/21 academic year is the final year to enroll on this award scheme. 


Student Experience Awards

The Student Experience Awards are here to formally recognise the hard work, dedication and achievements that YOU, our reps, have put in during the year. Both students and staff can put forward Reps who they think have been outstanding during the year. With several categories to select from, reps can be recognised for a number of different achievements. With a dress-to-impress dress code and an elegant location, what isn't there to love?