The Student Experience Awards 2019

The Student Experience Awards are back, celebrating the hard work, dedication and successes of Student Reps and staff members across UWE Bristol who work tirelessly to improve the student experience of our students. 

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4 April 2019 @ the MShed


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Nominations have closed. Shortlist announced shortly. 

Student Rep Awards

The Leadership Award

The Students’ Union at UWE wishes to reward and recognise a Lead Department Rep who has excelled in their role.

Leadership involves establishing a clear vision and inspiring others to support you whilst providing information, knowledge and methods to help realise that vision. A good leader will be able to coordinate and balance the conflicting interests of all members and stakeholders and will step up in times of crisis. For this award we will be choosing from the 15 Lead Department Reps.

The Dedication Award

Do you know a Student Rep who is particularly dedicated to representing their fellow students?

We’re looking for someone who goes above and beyond their duties as a Rep. The winner of this award will be highly committed to their role, engage with relevant meetings and maintain contact with their peers, academic staff and the Students’ Union. A dedicated Student Rep won’t just raise issues; they will be committed to finding solutions.

This award will go to one Undergraduate and one Postgraduate Student Rep

The Innovation IN REPRESENTATION Award

This award is for a Student Rep who has introduced a new and different way of representing their course mates.

An innovative Rep might have come up with a unique solution to a problem or implemented an exciting new idea to increase student engagement across their course. They may be more open to taking risks to ensure continuing success and a significant positive change for students. Whatever they have done they will have achieved it through using creative thinking, new ideas or a fresh perspective.

The Student Experience Impact Award

This award is for a Student Rep who has made a meaningful change to the wider student body and a significant impact on the lives of the students they encounter.

The winner will have had a real influence on their course, department, faculty or the University as a whole by helping to apply new and exciting concepts or ideology. They may have worked closely with one of the Elected Officers or their programme manager in order to implement changes that make a difference. Alternatively, they may have been involved with new projects through the University or the Students’ Union. Only students can nominate the winner for this award.

The Vice-Chancellors Award for Representation

The Students’ Union and the University together encourage students at all levels of study to engage with the concept of representation.

To recognise the incredible success this partnership achieves every year in making positive changes to the student experience, the enhancement of learning and teaching and the creation of more informed and better equipped graduates, the Vice-Chancellor will recognise one Student Representative who has made a unique and lasting contribution to the representation of their fellow students and students to come.       

Joint Staff and Student Rep Awards

The Teamwork Award

Teamwork is at the heart of what student representation aims to achieve and groups of Student Reps and staff members are eligible for this award which aims to recognise the achievements that can be made by working together.

The winners of this award will have worked closely together on an issue and will have communicated constructively whilst sharing experience and knowledge to reach a common goal. If you know a group of Reps who have worked together effectively with a staff member to make a positive change you should nominate them for this award.

Staff Awards

The Non-Academic Staff Award

This award is aimed at celebrating the work of our non-academic staff at UWE and in the Students’ Union.

The winner of this award will have enhanced the experience of students outside of the classroom. This award is about recognising that university is so much more than just your degree and that your degree is so much more than what goes on in the classroom. Non-academic staff encourage you to join in, teach you how speak up, and enable you to be more.

The Outstanding Teaching Award

This award is for lecturers who consistently produce outstanding teaching and learning experiences. They will fully embrace the latest technology and teaching methods to make their lectures immersive and interesting. They will be inventive and original in their style of teaching to enhance learning and teaching. Using their skill, flair and imagination, an outstanding teacher will be truly inspirational.

We will award one of these awards per faculty. 

The Academic Personal Tutor Award

Academic Personal Tutors are key figures in the lives of students and a brilliant APT can have a big impact on a students’ experience of UWE.

The winner will have supported you in your professional or personal development and helped you to find support and motivated you to succeed. Going above and beyond the ordinary, this award is for recognising an outstanding APT who has made your academic experience so much more than it would have been and has been a real partner in your learning.

The Students’ Union Award for Partnership

The Students’ Union want to continue to recognise the brilliant partnerships we form with the University. For this award the representation team will collectively pick one department whom we feel have gone the extra mile - working with us to continue to develop and review the representation scheme and ensure it works for students.

THE Teaching for Sustainable Development Award

This award is for a staff member who embraces education for sustainable development. This person will understand how students are exposed to the concepts of sustainable development across their programme of study and will encourage awareness of thinking from other disciplines. They will ensure that students are given opportunities to develop knowledge, skills and attitudes which support sustainable development. This member of staff will inspire students to become sustainability-minded professionals and citizens.


All nominations are considered anonymously by a panel of students and staff and a winner will be agreed upon for each category. 

The panel is made up of up to 15 students our Lead Department Reps who represent every department across UWE Bristol, depending on their availability on the day or two that we do shortlisting, and the two SU rep coordinators who cover two faculties each.

Before the Lead Department Reps see the nominations we remove all references to specific people and departments so there should be no bias, the panel then individually rank their top 5 for each category and we collate that and work out the short list and winners based on that feedback.

The system is as fair was we can make it, the biggest thing that affects the shortlisting or winning of an award is the strength of the nomination

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