Student Rep Training Sessions

Training Sessions

You can sign up to a varitey of different sessions across most campuses in this one handy place. All of our training sessions from the main Student Rep Training through to more specialist training sessions for additional roles. 

Student Rep Training - Face-to-Face

Student Rep Training - Online Training


This is the main Student Rep Training session. We'll cover everything you'll need to know to know for the role along with tips and tricks to make you the best Rep you can be. These sessions are interactive and a great way to meet Reps from across the University and have a laugh along the way too. 

To sign up to attend a training session, click on the session you'd like to attend and "purchase" a free ticket (they are free, don't worry!). We do only have limited availablity for each session, so please sign up for your session early. 

Face to face training sessions have now come to an end for this academic year.
You will find our online training module bleow so please make use of this and if you have any questions, contact 

Rep Training Sessions (Online training)

The Student Rep online training allows Reps to recieve training at your own pace and wherever you want (subject to an internet connection!). The training is here to equip you as reps will the all the information and tips you will need.

The training consists of a video followed by an interactive quiz. Once completed and passed, you will then be classed as a trained rep and eligible to submit for Bristol Futures and take part in the Rep Aspirations Scheme. 

You can access the training here.

* Eligable Reps - Those on Distance Learning, Part Time Students or those with Placements.