What do Reps do?

What do Student Reps do?

The Basics

Student Reps are here to represent your voice at UWE. The primary role of a Student Rep is to effectively listen, collate and communicate the views of all the students they represent, taking these views to meetings and to staff to bring about positive changes for you! Plus, Student Reps also work to ensure that they close the feedback loop by communicating the outcomes of your feedback back to you. Last year we had almost 1100 Student Reps representing you, that is equivalent to roughly 1 Student Rep for every 25 students!

What meetings do Student Reps attend?
The main meeting that all Reps attend is called an SRSF (Student Rep Staff Forum) are meetings at programme level to discuss local course issues with their tutors and programme leaders. Types of things Reps bring to this meeting could include feedback about modules, exams, coursework, workload and BlackBoard sites. Basically, anything that affects your academic experience related to your course!

Student Reps also have the opportunity to sit on higher-level committees such as Programme Management Committees, Faculty Academic Standards and Quality Committee, Academic Quality and Enhancement Committee and Academic Board. This system ensures that students can have their voice heard all the way through the University. These Reps are elected into the Lead Department Rep and Department Rep roles during the October elections. 

Why are Student Reps important?
Student Reps are key to making sure that your voice and feedback is taken and utilised by the University and the Students Union. Student Reps make a real difference at course level, but also have many wins across their departments and beyond!

Student Rep Feedback has led to a number of high profile campaigns which have brought results for every student here at UWE. Last year Student Reps collected valuable feedback on the bus service at UWE, from this a campaign was launched which has seen a much-improved bus service created. Also, reps fed into the Hidden Costs Campaign which resulted in all students receiving £15 printing credit. 

Student Reps sound great, is there anything they don't do?
Student Reps do many wonderful things; however, there are limits to the Student Rep role and certain things that fall outside of their role. For instance, anything around accommodation would not fall under their remit, as Student Reps are here to represent you on your academic experience. Officially Student Reps also only get involved with issues if it affects more than a couple of Students. 

However, if you have a personal issue, you can still approach your Student Rep as they can signpost you to the best places to deal with any issues you may have. For instance, they can advise you to take certain issues to the SU Advice Centre, or the Wellbeing Service and Student Advisors. Alternatively, you can contact any of these services directly if you feel that you need support, click the above links for more information on what support is available and for there contact details.