We've all wondered at some point about our place in the universe; Are we alone? How many habitable worlds are out there? But sometimes it feels like it's all so complicated and not really within our reach. What we want to do as a society, is bridge the gap between that curiosity and actually getting out and learning about the universe, because it belongs to all of us. You don't have to be a mathematical genius or an astrophysicist to appreciate and learn about the structure of the universe, or learn about what started life here on Earth and if it could (or already has) happen elsewhere. 

We are officially affilited with the Kielder Observatory in Northumberland, the biggest public observatory in the United Kingdom, soon to be the largest in the world. Meaning we can host special nights where we live stream kielders events and watch as it all happens up there! Exciting stuff!

We are hoping to get some fantastic trips sorted to Leicester space centre, Greenwich Observatory and even star camps where we can camp for the weekend and look at the stars through some pretty impressive telescopes. But best of all, we are looking at organising a 2 day camping trip upto Kielder Observatory in Northumberland to see Britains darkest and best skies in all of their glory, where the milky way casts a shadow on the ground! We will also be doing a lot of charity work over the year and involvement with the public, trying to spread the message to children that Science is awesome!

SO, if your interested, (how can you not be!?) then join our society and help be part of a fantastic movement of connecting students to the cosmos.