We are a new society, that aims to bring together and support students that identify themselves as Estranged, a Care Leaver and/or Carer. University can be a challenging and difficult experience and by joining this society it gives us the opportunity to interact and spend time with other students who may have a shared understanding. 
We aim to incorparate regular weekly/fortnightly activities including; disscusions, arts and craft, speakers and many more! By coming to inital sessions, you can have your say in activities that you would like to be included. Events will still run throughtout vacation period for students who will still be in Bristol and want to socialise.
In addition to this we will have many socials, where we can get to know each other more and have fun! We can have; nights out, cinema, mini golf, meals and day trips. We welcome all ideas!
Click on the membership icon on this page. (It's free!)
Please also join our facebook page, where we will post updates regarding the activities and socials, here you can also contact us and ask any questions.
We are very friendly and would love to hear from you all soon!
Here are some useful Links for you to check out!:
Our 2017/2018 Commitee
Presidents: Jamieleigh Edwards & Ruby Farrelly
Vice President: TBC