Built Environment Society is a student-led society. We offer a platform where you can start your own projects relating to the built environment or join one which has already started.


Learn, Lead and Innovate Together!

Mission Statement

A society for those interested in student-led activities relating to the Built Environment, enriching and enhancing their student experience and engaging with industry: 

  • exploring the complexities of the built environment,
  • exploring the latest research into innovative building technologies,
  • developing skills and sharing knowledge relating to the process of sustainable construction,
  • undertaking collaborative projects with international and community-based charities, aiming at progressing our responsibilities to future generations.

Current Projects

  • BAB - (Build Away Borders) Third run is looking at post-disaster construction on an international scale, this time focusing specifically on post-earthquake rebuilding in Nepal. Our focus is on areas such as water, energy management, and use of materials in the post-disaster regions - looking at what students of our faculty can do to support the ongoing rebuild, through collaboration, knowledge exchange, and building. We are also looking into forming links with a charity that has a response plan in Nepal (with whom we could collaborate for this project).
  • BFF - (Buildings for Future) Our goal is to research and to apply ideas, buildings techniques and strategies from different areas of architecture and engineering, to tie these ideas together and develop an open model in construction theories, concepts and techniques that will enable us to achieve the highest possible sustainable form of housing for our climate.
  • UTL - (University of West of England, Thermal Laboratory) project is a fusion of both architecture and environmental engineering. Across the world, various types of thermal laboratories have already been establish to aid students or researchers to analyse how internal environment of the building could be improved in terms of energy saving and sustability under various external (environmental) factors. The very first aim of this group is to visit other UK universities which have already developed thermal laboratories, learn how these labs are being used and then develop a general design strategy. Afterwards, a prototype (a model) of how the thermal laboratory can be developed. Though it is a long process from university visits to executing design strategies, each step will lead to a better understanding of building services principles and application.

Ideas Workshop

Ideas Workshop – Tuesday, September 25th 2018, 5pm-6.30pm, 3R003.

The BES Project Framework aims to help members to participate in a range of activities, where students take ownership of the learning, develop additional skills and work with people from outside their discipline. BES can streamline the administration process of dealing with the SU and the University, giving advice on funding, insurances, risk assessment, public relations and sourcing academic mentors, freeing up the time of members to concentrate on their core project objectives.

Ideas for projects will be proposed and discussed at the Ideas Workshops and anyone thinking of getting involved with BES projects is welcome to join us.


Ideas already under consideration:

  • Build Away Borders - Nepal – Year 3 of this successful project will see student focus on the post-earthquake rebuilding of areas of Nepal. Awareness raising, knowledge exchange and maybe even exchange activities are all under consideration.
  • Passiv-Haus – the team intend to enter a low-carbon design into the UK Passiv-Haus conference, to attend the conference and perhaps follow on to the global conference in Germany.
  • Thermal lab – This project will examine the practical hands-on activities that can help designers become more aware of the science that underpins building operation. The project may involve an examination of the design process of UWE’s new Engineering Building, currently underway.
  • Real Estate Society joint project on social housing.
  • Occupational Therapy Society joint project on Inclusive design for the physical impaired.