Oh hi Mark! Welcome to the Bad Movies society.

We will be meeting fortnightly on Thursdays in 1N05 on Frenchay campus. Our next meeting will be on February 15th with Birdemic: Shock and Terror!

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Are you a bad movies society or a bad movies society?

The latter.

If we were a movies society we would be a really good movies society, but as it stands we are a really good bad movies society.

What makes a good bad movie?

A bad movie is a bit like a good movie except that it's good for a different reason.

A good bad movie is a film which is a special kind of bad, such that you can find enjoyment in its poor quality. These movies are best watched with other people, for example in a society of some kind.

Why would I go to a society that shows bad movies and not good movies?

Good question!

Who is on the committee for this society?

President - Josie Mallinson

Vice-President - David Emery

Treasurer - Arthur Muddiman

Participation Officer - Thomas Sylvester

Please feel free to contact us with any real questions you have about the society.