UWE now has a Journalism Society!

If you are interested in all things journalism then look no further and come and join us!

We are a group of individuals passionate about everything journalism related and we can’t wait to share this passion and knowledge with you. 

The aim is to create a society which will get involved with networking events, tours, workshops and of course fun social evenings to bring everyone together!

Through this we hope to create contacts within the industry, learn valuable skills and enhance our CVs.

So if this sounds like something you would like to join, then do not hesitate and sign up now! 

We cant wait to meet you!

Feel free to drop us any questions you have on any of our social media platforms or send us an email on the linked address.

Journalism Society Committee (2017-2018):

President: Tamara Toothill

Vice President: Thomas Morgan-Jones

Treasurer: Anya Kellier

Participation & Equality: Joe Ali

Social Events: Pascale Mama

Social Media: Holly Clemens & Niamh Walton

Events & Fundraising: Nerys Keel