Our aim is to improve prehospital practice through the simulation of varied and challenging scenarios.

We include participants from all year groups to allow students' clinical competency to grow and improve, supported by others with more experience. 

Based at Glenside Campus, we are an independent Sister Group of the Paramedic Society, and will provide collaborative joint events in the future. 


Allied Health Professionals

This year we aim to organise sessions for other allied health professional students. We will be sending out emails to those who have expressed an interest in the coming weeks and if you would be interested please email us to register your interest!


Future sessions for 2018/19

ECG workshop

Geriatric workshop.

Major incidents.

Paediatric workshop.

Road Traffic Collision (RTC) extrication. 

Medical clinical reasoning and patient assessment.

Advanced Life Support (ALS). 

Airway Management workshops.

Vascular Access workshops

Fractures, Dislocations and Immobilisation workshops.

Advanced trauma workshop.

Communication and management of complex situations.


Dates to be added following email consultation with members for other suggestions and feedback. To provide feedback please respond to this survey.