UWE Singers Society is a society for people who enjoy singing and share our love for music. At USS everybody can get involved - all abilities welcome! 

UWE Singers Society aims to provide various workshops that will give members the knowledge, techniques, and confidence to produce great musical performances. Workshops and other sessions will lead up to a performance opportunity which will be arranged by the society for its members. This society is about teamwork and puts emphasis on ensemble - collaborating with each other in our performances is what we're all about!

We also invite any musicians of UWE to join UWE Singers Society. We would like to rehearse and perform alongside live instruments for an authentic sound. We encourage anybody who can play an instrument to come along. USS is a great opportunity for singers and musicians to work together so get involved!

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us via our email address.



Join now via the SU website. Its only £10 for the whole academic year!