What we are

A student led society which aims to improve inter-professional working through simulation days with a range of health care professionals. Students will gain knowledge in all aspects of healthcare including but not limited to: social work, paramedics, medical, biomedical, mental health, Learning Disabilities, children’s and adult nursing and medical students. This will enhance their clinical skills, knowledge, referral skills and overall education throughout their time at UWE. It will also improve their communication skills and allow them to make friendships within the healthcare programmes ran at UWE and UoB. 

What we want to do:

- Emergency care simulations: HCP’s such as medical students, nurses, paramedics working together in a simulation where an emergency care patient arrives in A+E. (done for paeds cases too)

- Major Incident Training. 

- Delivering a baby: simulations by midwives.

- IPW simulation: stalls for HCPs – rotate between stalls – will learn new skill from each stall.

- Paramedic led: airway management Inc. intubation, resuscitation and assessments/primary surveys. 

- OT/PT: exercises, living with a disability (including obesity suit)

- MH: how to help a patient in MH crisis and what services are available, how to comfort a distressed patient

- LD: importance of non-verbal communication, role of an LD nurse

- Radiotherapy and diagnostic imaging: interpreting imaging basics, MRI simulation

- Talks from a range of specialists in topics including oncology, cardiac, GI, stroke, ortho, etc with advances in latest research.

How we are going to do this

Working in partnership with health & social care societies, deparments and faculties at UWE Bristol and also Bristol University.

Who’s going to do this

President: Will Malcher: William.Malcher@uwe.ac.uk 

Vice President: Emily Solloway: 

Treasurer: Colin Chua

Participation & Equality Officer: 

Media & Publicity Officer:  Charlie Hamilton-Smith

Equipment & Safety Officer:  

Events & Fundraising Officer:  Ellie Moore

Sports Rehab & Physiotherapy & OT: 

Midwifery Liaison:

Paramedic Liaison:

Radiotherapy & Diagnostic Imaging Liaison: 

Social Work Liaison:  Grace Page

If you would like to get involved with any of the empty above roles please dont hesitate to email us.