Our society welcomes anybody who enjoys bullet journaling - no matter if you’re a bullet journal pro or a total newbie and wants to give it a try! To us, it’s all about connecting with people through the passion of bullet journaling in a fun, safe and supportive environment! We are strong believers of self-development and being the best version of yourself which bullet journaling allows just that. Come along and take a moment to focus on yourself, relax and create! 


Meet the analog method for the digital age that will help you track the past, order the present, and design your future.

Created by Ryder Carrol a bullet journal is an unique combination of a planner, diary, art journal and a sketchbook or anything that you want it to be! Your planner, your rules. 

The reason why I love bullet journaling is that it allows you to visualise your goals and targets; as well as breaking them down so that they're easier to achieve and you will actually stick to them. It takes away the stress and transforms any overwhelming feelings into something creative, positive and plausible. This is a very solution-oriented approach that helps you tame your everyday thoughts by writing them on paper. It has been proven to be good practice for your mental health and wellbeing as it helps you take more control of your everyday tasks and overall life (we all know how busy it can get, especially being a university student!). 

Plus it is a nice physical copy of memories that you can keep forever and reminisce on all your amazing accomplishments and how much you’ve grown as a person. Memories that would be otherwise forgotten.


An introduction into the society will run at the beginning of the academic year. This is to introduce the bullet journal system to beginners OR those who wish to learn some essential journaling tips! This will also be a great excuse to meet new people and connect. 

Our sessions will run on a weekly basis - on a selected weekday (depending on which day is most convenient) to plan for the upcoming week. But if you cannot make it for our weekly meet-ups, we will do monthly set up sessions too - just before the start of a month, setting up our journals ready to conquer the new month. 

For more information and specific times and spaces (online or physical), we will be sending out emails and then eventually move to a Facebook group where the information will be available. 



If you are interested, it would be amazing if you could join us at the beginning of the academic year, especially if you are new to bullet journaling as we will run our induction session alongside with Block 0. This way we make sure all of our “newbies” to bullet journaling will be ready for the academic year!

But if not, you are welcome to join anytime during the year. Our president is very happy to meet up with you and give you a small introduction to the bullet journal world so you are up to date and can join our weekly sessions asap! There will also be a lot of material shared so no need to feel worried about joining later.

There is no membership fee - IT’S FREE!!! All you need to bring along is a nice and sturdy notebook of your choice and your absolutely favourite pen!  



Why not make new friends while doing something you love? Or if you have never bullet journaled but like anything that’s creative why not join us? Anybody is welcome in our society, the more the merrier in our opinion! Feel free to come along to one of our sessions and we hope to see you all soon :)


President: Phuong Nam Tranova aka Natalie

Vice-president: Jennifer Yau

Treasurer: Bidhya Rai