British Sign Language

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Welcome to UWE British Sign Language Society! This society has been set up for any students who use British Sign Language (BSL). We welcome students who are Deaf, hard of hearing or those simply with an interest in learning BSL.

The society’s main goals include:

  • Bring student’s together who use BSL, creating a space for them to practice with each other
  • Raising awareness of BSL and Deaf culture and hopefully encouraging more people to learn BSL
  • To create more social opportunities for Deaf or hard of hearing students

According to the British Deaf Association, there are approximately 250,000 people who use BSL daily. After years of campaigning, the government looks set to pass the British Sign Language Bill, a law which will finally recognise BSL as an official language in England and Wales. This law will promote BSL and help create a more inclusive and accessible society. If you are new to BSL, this really is a great time to start learning!

If you have previously studied BSL at any level, then please get in touch! Our committee needs people to help run the society and your knowledge of BSL could really help ensure this society reaches its full potential.

If you have never studied BSL before then I encourage you to get involved, BSL is truly an amazing language. We are planning to run informal practice sessions to help you get to grips with some the basics. However, as this is a student led society, we feel it’s important to point out that although these sessions might be a great introduction to sign language, they are by no means a substitute for taking a course from a certified teacher. If students are interested in gaining official qualifications in BSL then our society can signpost you to some fantastic learning establishments. These courses are run by certified teachers who will help you become confident and proficient in BSL.

As well as classroom-based practice sessions, the society will organise an interesting mix of events ranging from meeting up to play board games in the SU, to getting together in a local coffee shop or even going bowling! Whatever we do, everyone will be encouraged to communicate primarily using BSL.

If you have any questions, then please make contact. Otherwise follow us on Instagram - @Uwebslsociety