Welcome to the Animation Society, a community to share your passion for Animation and explore this amazing universe with like minded people.

We run a range of activities in the society including: 

  • Film nights

  • Workshops (light painting, sand on glass, paper Cut-outs etc.)

  • Competitions

  • Experimental animation events

  • Socials

  • Life Drawing Club

We hope you will join us and have fun delving deeper into the world of animation!





Hi guys I'm Joe, a 3rd-year animation student and your president for this year. I'm in charge of making sure the society runs smoothly and overseeing the activities that happen within it. I hope you all have a great time in our society and please feel free to come to me with any concerns, questions or general chit chat.

Vice President

Hello, my name is Marco and I will be your Vice President for this year. I am a 3rd Year Animation Student and I will make sure that you will all be kept up to date with events, activities and socials! If you’ve got any questions or you would like to give us any suggestions do not be afraid to come to me and have a chat, I’m always glad to listen to people and to help them as much as I can.


Hello there, my name is Eoin McLoughlin and I'm a 3rd-year animation student as well as the treasurer of the animation society. It's my job to look after the societies finances and budget. Aside from that, I'll definitely be around for film nights, workshops and events if you're looking for some help, or just want someone to chat to.

Events Manager

Hey guys, I’m Tobi and I’m the Events guy and one of the co-founders for the society. I’m a third-year Animation student, and it’s my job to plan socials and activities, plus you’ll see me helping with other things here and there. If you ever want to talk about the society, upcoming events or so on I’m always up for a chat.

Fundraising Officer

Hello everyone! My name is Sarah, and I am in charge of organising Fundraising events. I oversee the making of bake sales, book sales, raffles and all the activities guaranteed to maintain our range of fun workshops and socials. Come have a chat if you like!

Media & Publicity

Hello, Vic here~ I am the person keeping the society’s branding on point. Which means I am the Media and Publicity Officer that is involved with managing our social media and designing posters for events. Always feel free to drop me a tweet on Twitter!


Hartnell is a tired deer with a great love for both animation and coffee, and the mascot for the Animation Society!

Do not try to chat with him because he is not real and if you are seeing a giant deer in a flannel shirt drinking coffee then you probably need to lie down.



EMAIL: uweanimationsociety@gmail.com

FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/UWE-Animation-Society

TWITTER: http://twitter.com/uweanimsoc