UWE Economics Society

Does economics feature as part of your course? Do you have a diagnostic and interpretive learning style? Maybe you just fancy a good debate over capitalism, democracy and equality?

Built on the initiative of students, UWE Economics Society is a rapidly growing academic society designed to help our members celebrate their passion for economics.

Working alongside the Academic Community here at UWE, we are offering the opportunity to engage with our prestigious guest speakers as well as a chance to network with some of our graduate employers.


Can i Join?

Yes, you don't have to study economics to join; an interest is all you need to join this highly inclusive society. This society will appeal particularly to anyone doing courses featuring economics modules, but also anyone with a passion for problem solving.

Sign up fees are only £2.


Reasons to join

Being part of our society will give you a definite head start into your studies and give your career opportunities a boost. The economics society offers you the best chance of gaining knowledge of, and networking within the business and finance sectors.

The huge wealth of knowledge on offer at our guest speaker events is not the only treasure we are hiding, we also have amazing nights out where you can meet like-minded people who will soon become your closest friends.


Get in Touch

We don't hold weekly socials, so the best way to get in touch is to follow us on Twitter, join our Facebook group or send us and email.



Or speak to any committee members personally, we will always respond as prudently as possible.


Important Dates

Be sure to stay up to date with the Facebook and Twitter to stay informed of our unmissable events and socials. 

Economics Society Relaunch-Thurday 28th September


Meet the Committee

Dalia- President

Hi Guys! My name is Dalia and I will be the President of the society for this academic year and I will be overlooking all of the societies activities whilst being the main link between the Economics society, AEF department and the UWE Studnets Union. I take part in a lo of academic activities within the AEF deparment.  If you ever have any questions or ideas don't hesitate to contact me


Alice  - Vice President

Hey! I'm Alice Heffernan and I will be your Vice President for the Economics Society this year. I will be mainly handling the budget trying to sort discounts on events and activities for all the members.