UWE Marxist

Official group of the UWE Marxist Society. Our aim is to educate ourselves in Marxist theory, campaign to build the forces of Marxism, and, ultimately, to struggle for socialism. We host weekly discussion meetings, lectures and debates on history, politics, economics and philosophy from a Marxist perspective, as well as reading groups, where we study classic works of Marxism, and film screenings.

As a student society, we aim to intervene in the political life of the campus and of the wider student movement. We are officially affiliated to the Marxist Student Federation, which unites and co-ordinates the Marxist societies on a national level. If you seek learn more or join the MSF, contact a representative of the UWE Marxists or visit the Federation website: http://marxiststudent.com/

Everyone is welcome to our meetings, student or not, regardless of political views or affiliation. We meet every Wednesday evening for discussion meetings and lectures. Join the group to keep updated on the upcoming events.