UWE Event Society

Welcome to the newly formed UWE Events Society. The UWE Event Society will offer a fantastic opportunity in which you will have the freedom to practice and produce event techniques in real life projects. Due to the society recently forming it is a credible opportunity for those studying Business & Events, however we obviously welcome anybody else interested. Moving forward, we aim to be in the full swing of planning and executing events by 2017, with the talks of a proposed ‘Fringe Festival’ taking place towards the end of the summer term 2018. There are chances to undertake various roles in every aspect of future events. There will be opportunities for you to excel and improve on many transferable skills which you can detail in your CV and specify the tasks and role carried out. This will support and enable you to obtain the relevant skills and experience desired by future employers and will assist you in standing out in an application process and interview. Ideal if you intend on applying for a placement! On a final note, it’s important to remember that we’ll most definitely thrive on a ‘work hard, play hard’ philosophy in which social nights out will be planned. For any of you interested please contact uweeventssociety@gmail.com There will be a joining fee of £5 You will need to provide us with your Name and Student Number, look forward to hearing from you!