WiSe - Women in Science and Engineering

Meeting times will be released following a poll at the freshers fair!


We are a very diverse group of motivated Science and Engineering students working together to support and promote STEM subjects, connect with other students, academic staff and employers, in order to create a unique voice as “we all sing the same song”.


In November 2015, we went to the Annual Student Conference organized by WES (Women’s Engineering Society), where we had the chance to meet amazing and talented women from all around the UK. We got inspired and encouraged to keep following our dreams, achieve our goals and never give up. On our way back, we decided to set-up a new society at UWE, and after months of preparation, a lot of efforts and a great support from our Faculty, Women in Science and Engineering (WiSE) has finally been recognized by the Students Union in October 2016.


Passion and courage unite us in our every project. We started with a sign-up event and a social, to get to know each other and meet new amazing girls around UWE. We have weekly meetings where we talk about issues in our Academic life, plan visits to companies, talks and volunteering in schools.


We want to grow and develop our personality and skills, supporting each other and becoming source of inspiration for others. We are organizing a lot of interesting events this 2017 and we are waiting for you to join us and “sing” with us the “song of success”! If you want to become a member of WiSE committee, suggest an event, or just have a chat and a cup of tea, come and meet us.

We meet on Wednesday's at 11 am in 3E11B 

We’re all looking forward to meeting every one of you.