Welcome to the UWE Aero Society page! We are a society for all students to join who have an interest in the exciting world of aerospace.

We meet every Wednesday 13:00-15:00 in 2Q42

Over the coming year our society will explore many facets of the Aerospace industry both in and outside of the university environment. There will be courses available to help you further your knowledge and gain marketable skills, competitions to test your ingenuity and ofcourse we will be having a lot of fun in to the bargain. There will be a variety of projects that you can opt to work on but our two main challenges will be the UAS challenge next summer and MAAXX coming up in June

Institute of Mechanical Engineers UAS Challenge (UK)

This is a UK wide competition for undergraduates from a variety of universities. The challenge involves undertaking a full design and build cycle before competing in a final “fly off” which is judged during the summer of 2017. The UAV must take-Off, cruise, drop its payload and land completely autonomously.

The benefits of this competition are that you learn the skills to work in the aerospace industry, these skills range from design to manufacturing to avionics. It also puts you out there to businesses such as BAE Systems and Northrop Grumman. This project will involve building upon the work of previous years and improving an existing aircraft, replacing any parts and/or systems as the group sees fit. This is an intensely fun but challenging endeavour and only the most committed students need apply.

MAAXX (An Automated Drone Racing Competition)

This is a new competition that starts in January. Host by UWE Bristol and High Tech Bristol this competition is all about speed and accuracy, the drone that can navigate the course in the shortest possible time wins. Just like with the UAS challenge this drone will need to be completely autonomous but cannot exceed 1Kg.

As part of the society you will compete in teams of 3-4 people with a committee member allocated to the group to give advice and to aid progression through the design and manufacturing of the build. No previous experience of drones is necessary as you will learn everything that you need to know as the project progresses and experienced students are always on hand to help with any questions or problems that you may have. If your team successfully completes the project then you will be entered in to the competition free of charge and be in with a chance of clinching some of the £1500 worth of prizes!

See for yourself

The overall aim of these competitions is to provide a challenge and engage university student teams in the design, construction, development and demonstration of an Autonomous Unmanned Aircraft.

The Society in General

The society has a relaxed and comfortable feel to it. It is perfect for 1st years as it helps you to learn and develop many of the skills needed in years to come in your course. It also allows you to really see what processes are involved in the Aerospace industry. If you are not a 1st year please feel free to join the society as the more experienced we are the better we will perform and be able to help each other out.

We have excellent support of academics that are always keen to be involved in the society and help with any queries that arise. We meet weekly to discuss any upcoming events and developments in projects.

Socials are where we all meet up and have a night out together ranging from a quiet meet up in the students union or a trip into the city centre.

We have big ideas for the years ahead and if you have more ideas we are more than happy for you to contribute into the planning and running of the society


Aero Society