Welcome to the UWE Aero Society page! We are a society for all students to join who have an interest in the exciting world of aerospace.

We meet every Wednesday at 14:00 PM in 4Z16. 


The Society in General

The society has a relaxed and comfortable feel to it. It is perfect for 1st  years as it helps you to learn and develop many of the skills needed in years to come in your course. It also allows you to really see what processes are involved in the Aerospace industry. We also welcome non 1st years to the society that can help in more advanced projects involving industry partners.

We have excellent support of academics that are always keen to be involved in the society and help with any queries that arise. We meet weekly to discuss any upcoming events and developments in projects.

We welcome your project ideas as well! Personal projects that have been run alongside the society last year included prototyping morphing wings, 3D printed aircraft, research into non traditional layouts of quadcopters. Planned projects for next year include continuing research into hybrid drones and direct petrol driven quadcopters with pitch controlled propellers, so if you have your own idea we can help, no matter how weird it might be!

Over the coming year our society is looking at taking part in several challenges and conducting research into novel flying craft. Most members are also Aerospace Engineering students, but we welcome anyone with a mutual interest in flying.

Main Projects that will run this year 2021/2022:

Slow Flying Indoor Plane

This project is so we will be able to fly throughout the winter without being limited by the weather.

We are looking to use structural and aerodynamic analytical software to make the lightest and higher performance RC plane which we can fly around inside. We will be starting our design process for the airframe in January. It will be a good place to learn the basics of these software packages without the pressure of coursework deadlines.


Design and 3D print your own aircraft!

The society has a 3D printer (Prusa mk3s) and started printing flyable aircraft last year, both fixed wing and drone frames. A long running project will be for the society to design (on CAD) and then 3d print an aircraft that will actually fly! A wide opportunity to gain knowledge in CAD, FEA, CFD, 3D printing it will propel you past your peers!

Check out for inspiration.

Check out our Discord server if you have any questions. This is the easiest way to contact us.


Testing and racing drone arena in N block 

The society has now an open indoor space where all members during our sessions can come along to use and test out the drones. This is amazing for students to get the feel of flying a drone and what it actually involves.                      



We are still trying to get our own as this one is being shared with the department. 


IMechE UAS challenge

The Aero Society will take part in the challenge. We will come up with a feasible model, creating a cohesive concept between systems, design and manufacturing. 

The UAS challenge will help you: 


-Build and design an unmanned aerial vehicle 

-Network with potential future employers and like-minded students 

-Learn and practice

-Work within a big team just like real world projects work




The discord server is not currently used