Fresher's Fair 

As the new uni year is coming round the corner real soon it's the perfect time to start looking into all the great possibilities that societies have to offer, such as our own Airsoft!

It's a high paced combat sport that really gets the blood going! But don't worry if you have questions we will be more than happy to help!

We'll have a booth set up at the fresher's fair where you can ask us anything and don't be shy we don't bite. Any more questions feel free to message us on our facebook and we can't wait to see you on the field.

Airsoft is a rapidly growing combat sport in which teams play against each other to either secure objectives or eliminate the opposition. Airsoft uses replica weapons that fire 6mm BB to strike the target. If you like playing games like call of duty this is your chance to live it out and immerse your self into the adrenaline pumping action-filled sport which is Airsoft.

Each game you play in airsoft is never the same as the last. It can be as simple as a team deathmatch or a day-long scenario involving constantly changing objectives, protection of a VIP and conflicting objectives with the opposing team or teams that inevitably leads to prolonged firefights.

We are the university's airsoft team, we play every week to get together and have some fun at our home site located in the centre of Bristol. We also attend other sites further away to either try them out or go and play against other university teams. We play both for fun and competitively so if you're after a more serious side of Airsoft, we have founded the University Airsoft Championships - a national university-level competition where teams of 5 with 1 substitute player compete in incredibly fast-paced rounds of Speed.Q.B! 

UWEAS isn't all about Airsoft. We also arrange social events, times for us to all meet up and hang out as well as put on at least one annual charity-minded event. We also plan trips away for the weekend to not only play another university but also stay the night and socialize with their team. As a whole UWEAS is a great opportunity to meet new people and socialize with the added bonus of playing airsoft and having a great team backing you both on the field playing and in the library studying.

What does being a member mean?

The annual membership costs £25.00. By becoming a full member this gains you the following benefits:

  • Access to the UWEAS Members only page where all information regarding upcoming events is posted.
  • Allows those who do not own their own kit to use the society kit free of charge, saving a great deal of money as renting kit at sites is expensive.
  • A seat in transport for away days.
  • Able to play in university only events such as the championships.
  • Gun technician support if and when a member has their own equipment.
  • Invites to UWEAS special events.
  • Able to purchase team badges and hoodies.
  • Support from fellow members in both airsoft and your studies whilst at university.

University of Bristol

Starting this year for the Price of £28.50 we are allowing UoB students to utelize our equipment and participate in our events.

This is the first step towards the colaberation between our two universities. We are hoping to allow you to start off with your own society, as we know that it is not always easy, we are here to help. We are looking forward to engage in socials, games and friendly comeptitions throughout the year.

Our end goal is to engange in varsity games with UoB in the sport of Airsoft. 

Contacting us
If you are interested in joining UWEAS or would like more information feel free to email us at, or alternatively like us and leave a comment on Facebook at "UWE Airsoft Society - UWEAS". We are a very friendly and inclusive group so if you have any queries whatsoever, please feel free to contact us.