A place for animators, lovers of animated films, and deer

We run a lot of different activities related to animation, and have a lot planned for the coming year! Some things we've done in the past and you can expect to see again are :

  • Film nights

  • Workshops (light painting)

  • Competitions

  • Experimental animation events

  • Socials

  • Life Drawing Club

But we have a lot more coming, so stick around and make sure to follow our facebook, twitter or instagram for updates on our new events!

We hope you'll join us and have a great time with the world of animation!






Hello friendos! I'm James, a third year animation student going into video games. I'm your president for this wonderous society, and my role is to make sure all things run smoothly, to make sure we keep up with the activities, and to constantly force positivity in the face of stress! I'm always up for a chat if you have any concerns or feedback, and you can usually find me because I'm a very loud person! I hope you all enjoy our society and feel welcome to be part of it!

Emma Tilbrook
Vice President

Heya people, Im Emma Tilbrook the vice president of the society, and a certified badass of animation (citation needed). I got plenty of plans cooking for this years fun and cant wait to dive in and make some cool stuff.

Freya Szreter

I'm Freya, treasurer of the society. I look after the budgeting and finance!

Jack Walton
Events Manager

Hi all, I’m Jack and I’m the events manager for the society! I can't wait to meet you all, see ya around

Petra Da Silva Dlugiewicz
Equality Officer

Hi! I'm Petra, the equality officer! I make sure everyone feels included, so if you have any concerns please do speak to me!

Ross Kennedy
Media & Publicity

Hey! I'm Ross Kennedy a 2D animator and Character Designer. I'm in charge of all the social media accounts and filming of events.


Hartnell is a tired deer with a great love for both animation and coffee, and the mascot for the Animation Society!

Do not try to chat with him because he is not real and if you are seeing a giant deer drinking coffee then you probably need to lie down.



EMAIL: uweanimationsociety@gmail.com

FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/UWE-Animation-Society

TWITTER: http://twitter.com/uweanimsoc

INSTAGRAM : https://www.instagram.com/uweanimsoc/?hl=en