Welcome to UWE Anime!

Our society invites anyone who shares interests in anything anime-related, regardless of how many shows
you have seen or how much manga you have read. To us, what matters is that everyone has a great time
no matter if they are new to anime or a veteran.

We aim to expand each member's experiences by showing a variety of genres and movies that you might have
never heard of while offering frequent socials so you can talk and discuss with friends made in the society.
We are a friendly society who are accepting of anyone, whatever your background, beliefs or sexuality.
And believe UWE Anime is a great opportunity to make friends who share a common interest.
We hope you will enjoy your time with us!



Our usual sessions are every Tuesday and Thursday and are focused on watching anime between 6-8PM however we are trial running sessions on Mondays and putting it to our members as to which day they prefer. You can visit our Discord and Facebook group to keep up to date on how we'll handle our sessions in the first semester. You can also check our schedule to check our plans for the semester! This will always be up to date and also lists what is planned for every single week so you can decide what sessions you'd like to come to. The schedule is frequently updated so keep checking back!

Our Tuesday sessions are our variety nights, focused on showing different content every single week. We rotate between Genre Nights, Movie Nights, Roulette Nights and Committee's Pick Nights, and Random Anime Nights. Here is what each one is about.

Genre Nights

These focus entirely on putting on shows of a specific genre, such as action or comedy.


Movie Nights

These are exactly what you'd expect; we spend the session watching an anime movie! 


Roulette Nights

These are where members of the society are given the opportunity to put on a show of their choice to watch on the big screen. What is watched is dedicated by a roulette.


Committee's Pick Nights


These are nights themed around a committee member, allowing you to see what their personal taste is.


Random Anime Nights  

These sessions are when we use a random anime generator and watch whatever it comes up!


Our Thursday sessions for semester 2 are dedicated to shows that will be continuously watched every week. For the first semester of the year, this will be:

  • Code Geass
  • Vivy Flourite Eye’s Song
  • Blue Period


Socials and Other Events:

We also have a variety of other events outside our main sessions too.

  • Discord Socials - At the end of the Tuesday and Thursday sessions, we sometimes hold a social on our Discord Server. This is a great way to talk with people that share the same interests as you, to discuss the shows and films that you have just seen, all from the comfort of your room!
  • Bubble Tea Socials - These take place in Bristol's Cabot Circus where we meet to drink bubble tea and socialize, something that has become a bit of a society tradition thanks to our Participation Officer. A lot of society members like to go to Yo Sushi after this too.
  • Marathon Sessions - These are unique sessions where we watch an entire series in one sitting. These sessions usually last around 5-6 hours but are a great way to have some extended fun with the society!
  • Gaming Nights - Members on our Discord server frequently get together to play games on a Wednesday night in Voice Chat. We also offer sessions on campus dedicated to playing all sorts of games with our community!
  • Cosplay Workshops - These are unique sessions that take place in the weeks before a convention we plan to attend as a society. These are a way to try out making cosplay in a beginner-friendly environment. Even if you're not interested in going to the convention and just want to make something, you're more than welcome! If you also need any help with your cosplay, we have people experienced in cosplay here to help you out.
  • Convention Trips - As mentioned above we have convention trips planned to MCM Comic Con Expo planned for this year. We offer members a notable discount on tickets. 

There are also a few more events we have planned and there will be more information on these at a later date!

  • Karaoke Nights
  • End of Year Society Meal

Social Media and Contact Information:

We have two forms of social media - our Discord server and our Facebook group, which will both be frequently updated with the latest information on society sessions and more. We will try to update this page with the most update to date information but our Discord and Facebook are the best ways to find the most update-to-date information.

If you would like to engage with our community outside of sessions or have any questions you want to ask, feel free to join one of these two or both. 

Our Discord server especially is active with people talking often and there is almost always a member of the committee online who can answer your questions. Alternatively, you can email us at uweanime@gmail.com if you have a question for the committee.

Don't forget to use our schedule as a point of reference for what is going on in the society. It is always updated and has the latest information you'll need on what is happening on days and when!

Is it too late to join?

Nope! You can try out the society whenever you like!

Sessions are now member-only, but if you want to try out a session, just turn up and say you're new. We'll let you try out the session for free to see if you like it! We personally recommend turning up to a Tuesday session as those are always different each week, whereas Thursday sessions are continuations of the last Thursday.

If you liked the session, memberships are only £4.50 for Students and Associates and last until July 2022!

We hope to see you soon!


President: Callum Terrill
Vice President: Eduarda Ferreira Neves
Treasurer: Abdul-Rehman Mahmood
Participation Officer: Archie Gunningham
Media & Publicity: Alex Wong


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