Only ever showing you the best worst movies

Oh hi Mark! Welcome to the Bad Movies society. We are a society dedicated to showing you the best of the worst, the most lovingly made yet terrible pieces of film to grace the cinema screen and to have fun while doing it.

We're a society going into our third year and let me tell you, people seem to love it. While we don't have any fancy things like so called 'Awards' or 'Nominations', we do have an amazing group of members and a dedicated commitee. Our showings are always guaranteed to be a great time and are a fantastic opportunity to meet great people and make new friends.

So what exactly makes a bad movie worth showing at our society? Any movie that manages to tow that line between being low quality and hilarious to watch. Here's some examples of movies we've previously watched:


Troll 2


Hawk: The Slayer


The Room

Upcoming sessions:

  • TBA

We'll be hosting showings every two weeks. Since it's the start of a new year, we're going to be working out where and when is best in the coming weeks. Keep updated on changes by joining the Facebook group!


Hey look! We got some endorsements from actors from The Room!


Robyn Paris loves this society



Are you a bad movies society or a bad movies society?

The latter.

If we were a movies society we would be a really good movies society, but as it stands we are a really good bad movies society.

What makes a good bad movie?

A bad movie is a bit like a good movie except that it's good for a different reason.

A good bad movie is a film which is a special kind of bad, such that you can find enjoyment in its poor quality. These movies are best watched with other people, for example in a society of some kind.

Why would I go to a society that shows bad movies and not good movies?

Good question!

Who is on the committee for this society?

President - David Emery
Vice President - Juliet Hancox
Treasurer - Arthur Muddiman
Participation and Equality - Leo Yoshikage

Please feel free to contact us with any real questions you have about the society through our email or on the Facebook page.