Artists, Illustrators, Designers, Photographers, Videographers, Musicians, Producers, and creative minds from any course - this group is for you.

B. is looking to find creative individuals at a specific point in their career. For young developing artists to gain experience in creative fields it can sometimes seem like an uphill battle. We want to make it easier, to connect, collaborate and create.

As a B. Associated Artist, you will be approached with opportunities to involve yourself in creative projects that are appropriate for your skills and the development of those skills. You’ll also have access to a pool of like-minded individuals that might want to involve themselves in the realization of your ideas.

So far you might not have had the experience of working in a team, enhancing the caliber of a project with other talented artists. Through collaboration, you can create works far greater than any individual could and we want to provide you with a line of communication and the tools to make this possible. The intention is to publish great work, no matter the medium, at a professional level.

Publish on a self made platform. Build a creative brand.Join the UWE society for creative collaboration.