Built Environment Society


Built Environment Society is a student-led society. We offer a platform where you can start your own projects relating to the built environment or join one which has already started.


Learn, Lead and Innovate Together!


Mission Statement

A society for those interested in student-led activities relating to the Built Environment, enriching and enhancing their student experience and engaging with industry: 

  • exploring the complexities of the built environment,
  • exploring the latest research into innovative building technologies,
  • developing skills and sharing knowledge relating to the process of sustainable construction,
  • undertaking collaborative projects with international and community-based charities, aiming at progressing our responsibilities to future generations.


Current Projects

  • Zero Carbon Framework:  ZCF is a student lead initiative providing certified extra-credit activities for architects, engineers, surveyors, and all other built environment professions. ZCF offers a choice of three depths of learning:
    - Level 1: Zero Carbon Aware (for all students, 20 Hours ZCF CPD Certificate)
    - Level 2: Zero Carbon Skilled (for ZC designers/builders)
    - Level 3: Zero Carbon Expert (for ZC Software specialists)
  • Passive-Pod Project: Design and build a temporary structure that shall have a highly insulated, air-tight structure, and a Passive-House agenda - design is complete and construction is due to start depending on material arrival on campus.
  • Restoration of Old Buildings: A research project into retrofitting or restoring buildings to a Zero-Carbon standard or high-energy efficient alternative solutions. 
    Point Cloud Scanning: Getting hands-on experience of using a point cloud scanner - device which outputs a space into 3D image model, a fantastic survey tool complementary to the RoOB project and more.
  • Homeless Shelters: A student-led team aiming to design products or housing and organize events to help with the well-being of the homeless in our cities.
  • Built Environment Handbook Guides: The production of student contributions to various topics in the ABE department subjects! Specifically essential guides and tips on various topics and sections that will help all students in need.

To join these projects, you'll need to buy your membership, which means you get added to our MS Teams group. Once you're in, you can have a look around and see which projects you want to join. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us: uwe.bes@gmail.com.


Projects Workshops



Date for the first 2021/22 Workshop to follow - keep an eye out in our social medias!

Ideas Workshops: Ideas for projects are proposed and discussed at the Ideas Workshops and anyone thinking of getting involved with BES projects is welcome to join us. Due to the social distancing situation, we have moved this workshop to an online platform called Padlet. More information at the bottom of the page!

Projects Workshops: Each project has a productive weekly meeting for the first 6 weeks of each semester. Members get involved in progressively making their projects a reality.

The BES Project Framework aims to help members to participate in a range of activities, where students take ownership of the learning, develop additional skills and work with people from outside their discipline. BES can streamline the administration process of dealing with the SU and the University, giving advice on funding, insurances, risk assessment, public relations and sourcing academic mentors, freeing up the time of members to concentrate on their core project objectives.



Previous Ideas

  • Build Away Borders: Nepal – Year 3 of this successful project saw students focus on the post-earthquake rebuilding of areas of Nepal. They raised awareness exchanged knowledge and carried out various activities.
  • Passiv-Haus: The team looked at entering with a low-carbon design into the UK Passiv-Haus conference.
  • Thermal lab: This project examined the practical hands-on activities that can help designers become more aware of the science that underpins building operation. The project involved an examination of the design process of UWE’s new Engineering Building, currently underway.
  • Real Estate Society: Joint project on social housing.
  • Occupational Therapy Society: Joint project on Inclusive design for the physically impaired.
  • Eco-Pod: The team built an outdoor classroom and designed outreach activities for students. 
  • Wellness Hub Project: The team looked at creating an art community to help improve the well-being of students and provide a unique space on Campus to "zone out" from the standard student life, relax and meet new people. 
  • Sustainable Water project: This project was a comparative study of the permeability of urban fabric and water management in buildings in Bristol and Hong Kong.

Previous Ideas On Hold/Discussion 

  • Ashton Court Volunteering Project: Ashton court is currently managed by ArtSpace to open up the mansion house to the public while decisions are being made on its long term future. The BES student team will first evaluate the building through historical research and will then undertake a plan-dimensional survey to build a  physical model that can then be used by ArtSpace for future projects, proposals and fundraising.
  • UWE Sustainability Plan Review: A research project aiming to find out if UWE is as sustainable as it claims to be. The objective is to have our study published in BABEL by the end of the second term, offering a critical and detailed review.
  • Point Cloud Scanning: Getting hands-on experience of using a point cloud scanner - device which outputs a space into 3D data model.
  • Input into new UWE Buildings: Engage with the University in representing the student voice in the project scoping for new buildings.
  • Winter-Is-Coming Festival: Community tree planting day similar to Arbor Day Festival. 

Ideas from 2020 Workshop

  • Community Workshops
  • Temporary bus shelters for a different type of 'queue
  • Covid-Friendly Shopping Containers
  • Re-use, Re-Build
  • Feasibility of building a self-sufficient village
  • Compost Loo Project
  • Building with Water
  • SNUG - Research
  • Biologically Integrated Design
  • Flood-Prone Areas Project

Read more here: https://padlet.com/benedict2dilworth/hv64kfxzk1mrrbaq


2021-2022 Committee 


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