Welcome to Biji Kurdistan Soceity

Slav u Rez

Kurdistan is a place where all religions and cultures are respected equally! 

Biji (Live) Kurdistan Soceity is the very first ever Society to represent Kurdistan in UWE. Looking for a warm welcoming soceity? look no further! 

BKS is a soceity for everyone no matter who you are or where you're from. We want to share our culture and traditions and would love to learn about yours! 

Our Aims:

  • Raise as much as possible to help others in need
  • Create a society full of different nations and cultures
  • Share the Kurdish culture amongst all others
  • Show what the Kurdish people stand for :)

Follow us on Instagram for the latest soceity meetings and updates @uwekurdishsociety https://www.instagram.com/uwekurdishsociety/?hl=en