Board Games


UWE Board Gaming, where all you nerds and norms come to kick back and relax and find a new hobby or get a dose of nostalgia; we'd love to welcome you whether you're new to the hobby, experienced or never played before I'm sure there's a game for you; we also have members who are both casual and competitive and have lots of awesomely amazing things we offer which you can read about below.
NOW!! Before you decide to quickly move on watch this quick video that may CHANGE YOUR LIFE AND YOUR MIND!!
Now... As a society we've now been established for four years and have been recognised and hailed as being one of the best societies (not to toot our own horn) having been shorlisted for best new society in our conception and best society of the year as well as multiple others at the societies awards. Our members and friends greatly enjoy our sessions and have been committed throughout the year. Board games is not only a place to play games, but a great place to meet like minded people and make new friends. 
UWE Board games has many great members, great games and awesome socials and mixers planned from Trips to Tournaments, Board Games has ran some amazing trips both years (both successful) and plan to run them again. We also encourage our members to suggest their own ideas, we do this as we aim to offer as much as possible to our members and to improve year upon year, only through this are we able to achieve such high levels of satisfaction.
What do we want from you? Well just for you to show your face, you don't have to commit to every week although feel free to. Board games is something we all love and have grown up on and you shouldn't feel shy or nervous; we're really just a group of people and friends that are comfortable to enjoy board games and have fun. 
Thanks for taking a look at our page and the right side gives the link to our Facebook group where we post most of our news and talk with our members, alternatively we use email to members who'd prefer. If unsure on anything don't worry as we always answer questions and you should ask one of the committee by messaging us.
If you want to join in, try coming to one of the sessions and checking us out we meet:
Monday: 5pm - Late - 2Q42
Friday: 5pm - Late - 2Q42
The Committee
President - Joel Draper
Vice President - Alex Ruffle
Treasurer - Julian Wagner
Participation Officer - James Butler
We hope to see you soon!