Welcome to the UWE Planning Society! 

Joining our society to enhance your university experience both academically and socially for the best. We have exciting plans!

Anyone can join our society, whether you are studying it, just interested in it or even just want to learn something new... You are more than welcome to join us! All you need is a smile and a keen interest for the world of planning!

With us, you will be able to enhance your knowledge of planning , get to know people from other years and courses, improve your networking skills, experience new things, get exclusive trips, possibly get some freebies and be constantly entertained! Find us on Facebook Instagram.

A Membership for a year is only £4, which will be used to fund the events we hold for our members. We also offer memberships that are for 2 or 3 years long, at a reduced price! So, you can benefit from our society through your whole time at university.                                                                                                                                        

Our Plans For This Year: 

- We will be holding regular social events to get to know each other and to let off a bit of steam, distract ourselves and have some fun! 

- Collaborating with other societies.

-Meet ups, to ask you guys what you would like to do or see! As this society is for YOU.

- Networking events, talks and debates.

-Site trips, meaning viewing inside or other related activities.

- We might have various trips, including a trip to a surprise city! (destination will be revealed once time is closer)

 There are a several courses in the Built Environment which have elements of planning involved such as Architecture, Engineering, Law, Geography and even History! 

We exist to offer opportunities for anyone interested in the discipline and practice of planning and its impact on the built environment. From lectures, organised group activities, social events, networking opportunities and industry insights, the programme of events available to member’s aims to reflect the broad and varied nature of spatial planning as well as provide members with insights and contacts which will enrich their experience, understanding and ultimately, practice in the future.











COMMITTEE (2020-2021)

President: Martha Downs 

Vice President: Luvly Peramo

Treasurer: Megan Griffiths 

Equality & Participation Officer: Sam Hardwill

Social Officer: Raphaella Da Silva

Events & Fundraising Officer: Justine Cheung

Professional Development Officer: Oliver Harry-James