Welcome to the UWE Planning Society! 

Joining our society creates a great start for your university experience both academically and socially. 

Membership for a year is only £4 which is used to fund the events we hold to benefit our members.We also offer longer 2 and 3 year memberships at a reduced price so that you can benefit from our society for you whole time at university.

- Enhance your knowledge of planning  

- Get to know your course peers

- Improve your networking skills 

                                                                                                                                                                    ......and to have fun! 

Plans this year: 

- We will be holding regular social events to get to know each other and to let off a bit of steam after deadlines

- To increase our connection with the South West Young Planners and RTPI 

- Networking events, talks, debates and trips to sites

- A trip to a city! 

Anyone can join our society as long as you have a keen interest in the world of planning! There are a number of courses in the Built Environment which have an element of planning involved along degrees such as with Law, Geography and Wildlife conservation. 

We exist to provide opportunities for anyone interested in the discipline and practice of spatial planning. From lectures, organised group activities, social events, networking opportunities and industry insights, the programme of events available to member’s aims to reflect the broad and varied nature of spatial planning as well as provide its members with insights and contacts which will enrich their experience, understanding and ultimately, practice, in the future.


A few pictures from the past: 

2nd year students on a field trip in Mallorca.

2014-15 Committee at the UWE Freshers' Fair

2015 RTPI Planning Convention. L-R: Christopher Waller (Participation and Equality Officer), Janet Askew (RTPI President 2015), Dave Johnson (Associate Head of Department)

COMMITTEE (2018/19): 

President: Harry Dent 

Vice President: Megan Griffiths 

Treasurer: Daniel Jacobs 

Participation: Sarah Bannister